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FL - David Rowe of No Peace For Predators is angry his own words are making him look bad?

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And you notice, the news media only got his side of the story, not the other side. So much for being fair and balanced! The Campaign for Freedom group is a PUBLIC group, and they only post snapshots of these people's own words, so how can we make them look bad when it's their own words? Other harassment and murder of ex-sex offenders on YouTube and here.


By Ryan Smith

CLAY COUNTY - A local man who's devoted his life to fighting against child sexual predators is now being targeted by those very offenders.
- He continually goes around claiming people are pedophiles when they are not, and calling for people to be murdered, molested, raped, etc, and that is his own words, which the group linked above was created to show. I do not know of one person who has threatened Mr. Rowe, but a couple people claim he has threatened them.

David Rowe and his team have done a lot in our area to make sure offenders are known to the public. “The way I look at it is somebody has to do something. Pedophilia has become a full blown epidemic."
- Not everyone on the registry is a pedophile, and you continue to use the term as if they all are. It's simply not true. And the registry is there for anyone to freely look at, he is going beyond that, which is pretty much harassment in our book.

He formed No Peace for Predators after Somer Thompson was kidnapped and murdered. Ever since then, the watchdog group works to expose who they call the worst of the worst, sex predators. Just last year, they got an ice cream truck out of the hands of registered sex offender, Jackie Hall. If someone like Hall moves to the area, Rowe and his team spread the word with fliers.
- I agree, a person who has a conviction for sexually abusing a child, should not be driving an ice cream truck, and that is all good, but they also didn't show what exactly happened, which was more harassment and intimidation with pit bulls and the police, who stood by and did nothing. Also, isn't it the job of the police to warn people and spread the word if someone is a "danger," not vigilantes?

We go to their next door neighbor’s house; we go to the stores they shop in. Everywhere they could possibly lay foot and we put their faces everywhere,” said Rowe.
- Yes, you harass them, you go beyond what the law states and the police do, that is vigilantism!

But now, Rowe says, an underground group of registered sex offenders are trying to do the same thing to him. “They're trying to paint me as this monster."
- Underground? Who is underground? The link to the Facebook group is PUBLIC and all the web sites are as well. Underground means people are hiding, which we are not! And no, I don't think anybody is trying to paint you as a monster, your own words are doing that!

According to Rowe, disgruntled sex predators are distorting his character on blogs and social media sites like Facebook. They call him a violent vigilante. Action News did some digging and discovered that Rowe was recently arrested for fighting at a local bar. But he says that doesn't make him the monster, some are calling him online.
- Again, it's his own words which are being posted, and anybody who cares to see the facts for themselves can clearly see that, if you look, and not all in the group or visiting the Facebook pages are pedophiles or predators, but family members sick and tired of the injustice system and people harassing them and their families, like you have been doing online.

That we go out and do harm to these people and that's not the case at all. We've never touched anybody,” said Rowe. “We're here to let the people know who these guys are, what they've done and what they're capable of doing."
- Show me one place where someone has said you go out and harm people David! I don't recall seeing anybody say that, but you clearly think people will just take your word for it, and what is sad, is most people do. Also, it's not your job to go around posting fliers and harassing people you claim are predators or pedophiles. If you have a problem with someone, call the police instead of becoming a vigilante!

Rowe says he reported the group, Campaign for Freedom, to Facebook but the content has not been taken down. Campaign for Freedom says it's devoted to ending vigilantism and reforming sex offender laws.
- It's free speech David, and what has been posted is your own words! The group is public, meaning anybody can join, if you want. And even if you don't want to join, if you are logged into Facebook, you can clearly see everything in the group. It was made that way on purpose.

LA - FCI Oakdale staff (Gonzales & Childers) harassing inmates?

The following was posted elsewhere and posted with the persons permission.

UPDATE: See the comments for more info.

By Anonymous:
I am so furious right now I am shaking all over. My son just called me from Oakdale, FCI. He had some articles clipped to send to me and was called into the office over them. The officers said the articles he had was perfectly legal but they were curious why he had them saved. The "officers" (Gonzales and Childers) questioned him. He told them that I had a group in [withheld] and I worked with many national groups and he often sends me things and I send him stories as well. The agent shoved him and told him he was a piece of s*** and that no such groups exist. He continued to call him a liar and that there is no activist or groups for RSO's and he is making it up. He has to go back after lunch in this man's office. I am so upset and terrified right now.

He told him over and over to look it up or call me. He told him he monitors his calls and we never talk about activism, which is a lie, that is what we always talk about. He doesn't care. I am so scared.

He told him "so let me get this straight, you are saying there is a group out there that works to HELP sex offenders??? What about the kids? Do they care about the kids?????" Then he told them there was no way there was such a group. freaking the f out.

My son said he is going back in after lunch and If I don't hear from him he will be put in the hole even though he has done nothing wrong. He asked me to wait to see if I hear back before action or calls. I am sure we was being recorded, it even came up a number I had never seen and I made it a point to mention there are thousands of us and we would be writing and calling if anything happened to him. When he calls back and I am going to make it count for anyone who might be listening.

08-07-2012 - 7:27pm - I just heard from my son, finally. They have kept him tied up "questioning" him regarding how could there possibly be groups out here that actually work to help sex offenders out on the streets. He asked him over and over what kind of piece of s*** are you???? My son said he got called in over an article he had clipped to send me from a People magazine regarding the show Dance Mom's. I had told him about hearing they had done a "stripper dance" on the show, he clipped the article to show how unfair it was that he was charged with CP for way less graphic pics. It was in an envelope to me. They told him he had done nothing illegal at all and they had nothing to "charge" him with, however they were furious that there are groups fighting to actually help a sex offender??? They insisted we do not exist and he is making it up and the articles were for his own "benefit". He was told finally to get the hell out of their sight.

OH - How many sex offenders on the walk to school?

Oh the horror, run to the hills!!!!! Sex offenders are LURKING everywhere. They get up early in the morning, run out, and hide behind all the bushes.... Be afraid, be very afraid!!!

And if you are not doing it for fear and shock value, then why bring up the non-issue?

NJ - Former Cop, Beach Tag Boss (Chuck Cusack) Arrested for Sexual Contact With a Minor

Charles Cusack
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By Jeanne Donohue

A retired Ocean City police officer who is in his second season as a superintendent of the city's beach tag operations was arrested Saturday and charged with second-degree sexual contact with a beach tag inspector.

Charles Cusack, 49, was arrested by city police about 4:30 p.m. Saturday while on duty, Capt. Steven Ang said. Cusack was transported to the Ocean City Police Department, his place of employment until his 2011 retirement.

Cusack, who resides in Egg Harbor Township, was charged with second-degree criminal sexual contact with a female under the age of 18 who was under his supervision, Ang said. He was released after he posted $150,000 bond.

Ang said Cusack has been suspended from his city post pending outcome of the investigation.

Ang said the alleged sexual contact occurred over a period of time, but he declined to be more specific.

"It's an embarrassment to the city and to the Ocean City Police Department, but we're more concerned about protecting the victim and the victim's family," Ang said.

A condition of Cusack's release was that he have no contact with anyone in the beach tag program, Ang said.

As part of his duties during 25 years in the OCPD, Cusack worked as a bicycle officer for about a year in the community policing division, which has close interaction with Ocean City High School, Ang said. Cusack also worked at the high school as a school resource officer in the two years before he retired from the police department, said Michael Stanton, Ocean City schools solicitor.

The schools then hired Cusack in fall 2011 to replace a retiring "supervisory aide" in the high school, Stanton said. In the hourly security position, Cusack "acted as a presence" in hallways and throughout the school. He was employed under contract from Jan. 3 through June 30. His contract was not renewed because the position was eliminated, Stanton said.

Cusack has three daughters and had been separated from his wife at the time of his arrest.

Second-degree sexual contact encompasses sexual contact with a victim at least 13 but less than 16 years old (with a suspect at least four years older than the victim) or with a victim at least 16 but less than 18 years old and the suspect has supervisory or disciplinary power over the victim. Sexual contact means, at minimum, the intentional touching of intimate parts for sexual gratification.

Second-degree offenses are subject to sentences of five to 10 years in state prison.

A news release from Cape May County Prosecutor Robert Taylor indicated that the alleged victim is between the ages of 16 and 18 but included little other detail.

The case will be investigated by the prosecutor's Major Crimes Unit because of Cusack's employment with Ocean City, Taylor said.

A call to Cusack's cell phone is answered by a message that says the number has been changed or is out of service.

The beach fee staff was advised of the situation at group meetings on Sunday morning.

I don’t have the words to express my outrage over this matter," Mayor Jay Gillian said. "My primary concern is the safety and well-being of our team members. I have directed my staff to make certain that these young people know they have our support in every regard in the days ahead.”

The city has arranged for counseling to be made available to any member of the beach fee staff who requests it.