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FL - Injustice

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By Unforgiven:
The land of the Injustice! And Freedom HA........

UN forgiven

In this land that we call free there is a lot of corruption and injustice. They say we are innocent until proven guilty but in reality its the other way around your are guilty before you are innocent. They use reverse psychology! And if you are of the minority it is worst because you don't have the means to hire a honest Lawyer you have to settle with Public Defenders better know as (Prison Directors).

You see the court system here in Florida is very corrupt. They have a tendency of not wanting to defend you in court they just like you to take pleas whether you are guilty or not. So they don't have to prove your innocence. They actually let you rot in jail for a long time until they make you think that any thing they offer you sounds good. And once you take a plea it haunts you for the rest of your life.

Like in my case where I was falsely accused of 3 sexual battery on a 17 year old girl where she accused me of forcefully raping her. Now before I get to what really happen that day I would advise any one in my situation or similar to never take a plea even if it takes forever. If you do you will regret it for the rest of your life!

This all happen in February 1996 where I invited a so called friend I had met 2 weeks prior. She gave me her number and I called and she came to play cards (Spades). Just so you can know my house was like a hang out. Every body use to come and hang out so you see it was nothing out of the ordinary that girls and guys would come to see me. And on this particular day she came to play cards with me. My bad was that I knew she had a crush on me but I was in a relationship with another girl at the time. She was at my house for about 15 minutes in between that time she asks me to be her boy friend and I told her I could not so she started to cry and left my home.

Later, about 20 minutes past, and she came back with her mother and called me out and her mother said I had rapped her and that they where going to call the cops and I told them to go ahead I was not worried because I had not done nothing wrong.

So when the cops came they ask me what happen. And I told them so they took me to headquarters and they told me if I tell them the truth they would let me go. So I told the same thing the truth but they still arrested me.

I was at Metro West detention center for 9 months and 3 months in T.G.K. And in that time they had offered me 45 years in prison and if I take it to trial they would give much more so I told them lets take it to trial. After some months then they offered me 12 years in prison and threaten me again that they would give me more and I told that I did not do anything so I want to go to trial. A couple months past and they offered me 5 years and I told them no I want to go to trial.

Now going on the 12 month of incarceration my brother got ill with a tumor in his head and at that time they also offered me credit time served one years probation and withhold of adjudication which they said to me that I would not be guilty of any crime in this case if I would accept it, and also that I would not come out in any web sites saying any thing about my case.

But in reality they had lied to me I do show up in the sex offender web site. I have to report to the cops 4 times a year the cops come to my house every month to see that I live there and now they are making me move out of my home because they say that I live to close to a school.

Now the only thing that I see here is they create hate from your neighbors with out knowing you or what really happened in your case. Make you hate as well. Break up homes because now I can't even be with my son for something I did not do! I have tried to call my public defender and he just hung up the phone on me. I also tried 2 years ago to contact the senator of Florida and he wrote back that he can't help me. I have written to the president, to the governor, to A.C.L.U., to the innocent project and I also have tried to talk to a private attorney and they told me it’s too late because I accepted a plea and signed the paper. It’s just a merry go round.

Now I am going to tell you about the findings that the head doctor of Miami Jackson rape treatment center said on my deposition. She stated that she can not testify beyond a reasonable doubt that she the so called victim had sex that day. The doctor that treated the alleged victim also stated that she had a superficial laceration in her perineum that could have been caused by her self using the toilet. The alleged victim said she was a virgin and the doctor said she was not. The alleged victim said that I forcefully held her down and raped her but there was no bruising on her arms or legs (no where) that would show that I had held her down and forcefully raped her. There where no ripped clothing showing that I forcefully removed any clothing. There was no saliva, no pubic hair. No D.N.A.! The so called victim said I had cunnilingus with her that I digitally penetrated and that I penetrated her with my penis.

Just think of this scene do you think that it’s possible to have cunnilingus with some one and hold her down at the same time? I think not even superman can do that trick. Also the authorities never dispatched crime scene to my home so there can be more evidence to back up what happened that day. The alleged victim could not describe how my room looks like nor how my penis looked like.

I just don’t know this world has gone to the dogs. There is no justice. Nobody that cares and nobody that will help. But you see the only thing that keeps me going is God! And the hope that somebody will help me some day and get my life back on track and finally see justice!


CA - Wilmington Residents Gather to Discuss Sex Offenders

Original Article


WILMINGTON (KTLA) - Concerned residents in Wilmington held a community meeting Tuesday to discuss their options to stop sex offenders from moving to town.

The residents also wanted to find out why more sex offenders are living in Wilmington than in outlying areas.

The city's zip code is home to at least 177 registered offenders. Compared to numbers of offenders living in nearby zip codes, Wilmington's amount is remarkably high.

"Guess what? One community cannot take the burden for everybody else," said local activist Mary Gant.

When sex offenders are released from prison, most are required to return and register in the county where they were originally convicted.

Wilmington is in Los Angeles County -- where there are 18,200 sex offenders.

"They see the housing here is more affordable," said Joe Martinez, of the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation.

"There’s not somebody who doesn’t have a job, doesn’t have a skill, that's going to find a place to live in Beverly Hills for 400 dollars a month."

Laws prohibit sex offenders from living near schools or parks, so many have chosen a Wilmington neighborhood near the Harbor Inn.

"There's a lot of them up there… and they're not being supervised well enough," one concerned resident said.

"We have to be careful that we don’t get ourselves in the position where I’m going to chase this guy out of my community and put him in your community," Joe offered.

But many residents weren't satisfied with that, and they offered the LAPD and local representatives their own solutions.

"Just put them out in the desert and put a chain link fence around it... put 'em in tents. Yes," one resident said.

Others said they believed real change will come from meetings like the one held Tuesday.

"We're going to do it with our power -- the power of our voices, the power of our vote," Gant insisted.

Residents said they considered building a Boys and Girls Club to force sex offenders to move, but they found out that's not treated the same as a school or park.

They're planning to hold another meeting in August.


The following was sent to us via the contact form and posted with the users permission.

By Anonymous:
I am a college student doing research on the ineffectiveness of current sex offender legislation. I know that there are numerous studies that show how ineffective these laws are are preventing crime, but I don't know where to locate them. Could someone please send me links to them or point me in the right direction to finding them?

Thank you.

Our Response:
We have tons of studies linked on our "Recidivism" page, and also many files in our archives. That would be a good place to start.

WA - Accused double-murderer (Patrick Drum) who allegedly targeted sex offenders attacks inmate offender in Clallam County jail

Patrick Drum
Original Article
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There is no "allegedly" about it, he murdered two ex-sex offenders, and now he's attacked again!


By Paul Gottlieb

PORT ANGELES — A Sequim man accused of double murder, who allegedly told police he was targeting sex offenders, was placed in a segregated cell last week in the Clallam County jail after he stabbed a man serving time for failing to register as a sex offender, said jail Superintendent Ron Sukert.

Patrick Drum (Facebook), 34, stabbed [name withheld #1], 19, of Port Angeles with the sharpened handle of a plastic utensil, Sukert said last week.

[name withheld #1] received minor puncture wounds from the combination fork-spoon allegedly wielded by Drum and was not hospitalized, Sukert said.

Drum is awaiting an Aug. 6 trial on two counts of aggravated first-degree murder in the deaths of [name withheld #2], 56, of Port Angeles and [name withheld #3], 28, of Sequim, Drum's housemate.

The bodies of [name withheld #2] and [name withheld #3] were found inside their homes June 3, the same day Drum was arrested.

Drum told authorities he shot [name withheld #3] and [name withheld #2] multiple times “because they were sex offenders” and that he was planning to drive to Quilcene to kill another convicted sex offender.

The fight in which [name withheld #1] was hurt occurred Monday morning in the recreation area in the presence of jail staff, Sukert said.

Another prisoner discovered [name withheld #1]'s offense and pointed him out to Drum, Sukert said.

[Drum] had help in figuring out what this kid was about and chose to attack him,” Sukert said. “Staff were immediately able to intervene and stop the attack.”

Drum, who is being held without bail, was placed in a segregated cell, where he must stay for 23 hours a day, Sukert said.

A charging referral against Drum for the alleged attack was forwarded to the county Prosecuting Attorney's Office, Sukert said.

[name withheld #1] is serving nine months for two counts of failing to register as a sex offender and for bail jumping for failure to appear in court, according to court records.

He was 13 when he pleaded guilty Oct. 11, 2006, to first-degree child molestation.

A convicted felon, Drum also is charged with first-degree burglary and unlawful possession of a firearm.

Superior Court Judge Ken Williams on Thursday granted Drum's request to act as his own lawyer in defending himself against the charges.

Drum had a plea of not guilty to the charges entered for him June 13 by Port Angeles lawyer Karen Unger after Williams would not allow him to enter a guilty plea.

Prosecuting Attorney Deb Kelly has until a July 13 status hearing to decide whether to seek the death penalty.

The alternative would be to seek life in prison.

She said in a June 13 interview that in cases in which the death penalty is a possibility, a defendant cannot plead guilty until the prosecution has had the chance to fully decide if “there are not sufficient mitigating circumstances to merit leniency.”

Drum had done research on a computer to find out the names of convicted sex offenders, Detective Sgt. Lyman Moores said in an earlier interview.

[name withheld #2] and [name withheld #3] were listed, with photographs, as sex offenders on a Clallam County Sheriff's Office website.

Drum was in and out of jail and prison between July 1998 to March 2009 for charges generated in ­Clallam, Jefferson and Kitsap counties that included residential burglary, second-degree burglary, tampering with a witness, drug possession, possession of stolen property and unlawful issuance of checks, according to the state Department of Corrections.

WA - ACLU of Washington: Ensure safety & human rights of registered sex offenders & their families

Click the image to read and please sign it

KS - Task force meets to prevent child sex abuse

It starts with educating kids and parents, nor using lies, fear and hysteria to whip up fear to get donations.

OK - Sex offenders in OKC trailer colony have to find new homes

Original Article



About 70 men had to move out of manufactured housing at Hand Up Ministries' mobile home community in south Oklahoma City. A new law prohibits sex offenders from sharing such living spaces.

The thought of several dozen sex offenders moving out of their homes down the street has Priscilla Garza on edge.

Garza and her four children, ages 1 month to 14, live in the Arrowwood Mobile Home Community, about a half mile from a south Oklahoma City mobile home park run by Hand Up Ministries.

The 14-acre park houses 170 men, all of them registered sex offenders.

A new law that prohibits sex offenders from living together in manufactured homes takes effect Sunday. That means about 70 of the sex offenders at Hand Up Ministries' location may have to find a new place to live.

Though they've never bothered her family, Garza said she hates that so many sex offenders live near by. The mass move out isn't appealing either.

I'll be keeping them under lock and key,” she said of her children.

Fighting the law

The statute approved by lawmakers in 2011 clarified an existing law designed to keep sex offenders from living together. Police said such arrangements make it more difficult to investigate criminal allegations.

Hand Up Ministries fought the new law and lost in federal court. It sued to stall the law's implementation until a judge could rule whether or not it was constitutional. U.S. District Judge Lee West dismissed the lawsuit Thursday.

Among the suit's claims: the new law violates the First Amendment rights of the Rev. David Nichols, founder of Hand Up Ministries, by stripping the organization of its right to practice its faith without government interference.

The nonprofit group also owns a 6-acre mobile home community, comprised of married and single sex offenders, women who have recently left prison, and non-sex offenders, Nichols said. The new law means three people living there had to move.

At its peak, the population of sex offenders at the larger trailer park was 270, Nichols said. That number dwindled to 170 last week in advance of the law taking effect.

Residents pay a weekly program fee of $100, Nichols said. They receive spiritual support, help finding work and rides to treatment centers. While the ministry helps them get back on their feet they must follow rules like a midnight curfew, no drugs and no alcohol.

Residents have committed a host of sex offenses. Some of the men got drunk and exposed themselves by urinating in public. Others swapped sexual emails or photos with underage girls. One man was caught having sex with his girlfriend in a convenience store restroom. Another molested a 12-year-old relative while on a meth binge.

All received the same label: sex offender.

The law requires those convicted of sex offenses to register as a sex offender each year from 15 years to life with the state Department of Corrections and local law enforcement. They are required to update their address with a frequency scaled to the severity of their offense.

Police cite problems

The residents at Hand Up typically live three or four to a trailer, Nichols said.

That first caused a problem for police in 2009, Oklahoma City Police Chief Bill Citty said.

Convicted sex offender [name withheld], who lived at Hand Up, was lurking around a movie theater restroom Oct. 24, 2009. The father of a 7-year-old boy entered the restroom and caught [name withheld] in a stall with his child.

Officers arrested [name withheld] and executed a search warrant on the trailer, seizing several movies of child porn.

[name withheld]'s two roommates at the time had convictions for sexual battery and indecent exposure.

That scenario creates a problem for police trying to identify which felon owns the evidence that would support the criminal investigation, Citty said.

Get info and help

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Update: has now split into another site called SORARCHIVES.COM possibly due to this site: OFFENDEXTORTION.COM.

By M:
Hi Dear,

In the below website there is information of someone who where living with me about two years ago. Now he moved out of because of all hard times he had (just need to mention he was wrongly accused and labeled as sex offender according to a stupid chat for a TV show). I recently searched his name in Google, and find this website ( which has his information with his old address (my address). He is not living here anymore and I don’t like my address to be published. I am alone female and scare of all unexpected harassment that may accrue because of my address is published. I wanted to request to remove the information from the web site, but the web site requesting money!!!! The interesting part is that in the website they are advertising: there is a limited time for the people who are in their website to be removed without asking any questions of them (by paying money to them of curse). I would like to ask you some help and advice regarding this matter, please. Do you familiar with this website, and their activity? I am wondering how they can make this nasty business? Is this legal as they claim in their website or illegal? Is there anything that I can do regarding this? I will be really appreciated your advice in advance.

Thank You,

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