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AZ - Arizona man claims he was ejected from bookstore for being alone in children's section

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This is what happens when the media continues to push the sex offender hysteria! Now anyone in the children's section of a bookstore, purchasing books for their kids or grand-kids, is now a suspected pervert!


SCOTTSDALE – A senior citizen claimed staff at a Barnes & Noble ejected him from an Arizona store because he was on his own in the children's area.

[name withheld] claimed a store worker told him a female shopper had complained he was in the children's area in the store in Scottsdale, The Arizona Republic reported.

The 73-year-old, who was alone at the time, said he was in the store to buy books for his two grandchildren, who live in Wisconsin.

He told the newspaper, "Men alone cannot be by themselves in the children's area."

Mary Ellen Keating, a spokesman for Barnes & Noble, said, "We have no comment on the store matter you called about. We believe we acted appropriately."

[name withheld], who was born in Egypt but has been a US citizen for 45 years, claimed the book store was not taking his complaints seriously.

Help For Sex Offenders?

We have no idea who this person is, but figured others would like to see the video.

Video Description:
I created this video because there are a lot of guys out there who are on the registered sex offender list, wether by fault of their own or not. One thing all Registered Sex Offenders or RSOs have in common is the hardships that many of the draconic laws stack on top of them. I hope the information in this video reaches many of you and helps you to not only survive but thrive in life. God bless!

WA - KIROTV reporter wants someone for an interview

The following was send to us via our contact form. If anybody is interested? The article she is talking about is here.


I just saw your post about the murders of two sex offenders in Clallum County, WA. It mentions that some thought should be given to whether sex offender registration should be restricted to law enforcement. I am looking into a story about that. Is there anyone available from the blog who would be willing to do an on camera interview?

Thanks for your consideration,

Monique Ming Laven
KIRO7 Anchor/Reporter (

WA - Two sex offenders shot dead in Clallam County by Patrick Drum

Patrick Drum
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How long is this silent holocaust of ex-sex offenders going to go on before something is done about it?  This is yet another of the ever growing list of dead sex offenders and even innocent people, who have been killed by the online vigilante hit-list known as the sex offender registry.  This is exactly why the registry should be taken offline and used by police only!

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A man with a reported hatred of sex offenders was arrested Sunday in Port Angeles for allegedly killing two men, both registered sex offenders.

And a Clallam County detective said he has reason to believe the suspect may have been targeting other sex offenders.

Patrick Drum, 34, was arrested after a three-and-a-half-hour manhunt in dense woods with the help of dozens of law enforcement officers and a police helicopter.

Victims [name withheld], 56, and [name withheld], 28, were found dead from gunshot wounds earlier at two separate houses.

Detectives said evidence from the crime scenes indicated Drum had an animosity toward sex offenders. The Associated Press reported a note was left behind in which Drum stated he hated sex offenders and "it had to be done."
- I wonder how long it will be before some of the other known vigilantes will "snap" and kill someone they have accused of being a sex offender and/or pedophile?

[name withheld] and [name withheld] were both Level II sex offenders.

According to a court document released Monday afternoon, "Drum also (said) he had intended on driving to Jefferson County where another sex offender resided, with intent to kill him too."

The series of events began early Sunday when Clallam County Sheriff's deputies found [name withheld] dead in a home at [address withheld].

Patrick Drum
At the same time, a suspicious person report on Blue Mountain Road between Sequim and Port Angeles led detectives to an abandoned car. Inside the car, detectives said a note tied Drum to [name withheld]'s death.

Further evidence pointed officers to a house in Sequim, located at [address withheld], where [name withheld]'s body was found.

A suspect search was launched, which eventually uncovered Drum in an area near Gellor Road and Blue Mountain Road.

Detectives said Drum knew both [name withheld] and [name withheld]. [name withheld] recently moved into the house on [address withheld] rented by Drum.

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NJ - Jessica Lunsford Act Passes Unanimously Out of Senate Committee

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By Anthony Bellano

The proposed law must now go before a full vote of the assembly, and Brian Rumpf hopes that will happen later this month.

Assemblyman Brian Rumpf called it a “good first step, but there’s still work to do,” following the passage of the Jessica Lunsford Act S-380 (PDF) / S-642 (PDF) by the Senate Law and Public Safety Committee on Monday, June 4. The committee passed the two bills with a unanimous 5-0 vote, according to the Ninth District Legislative Office.

The bills must now go before the state senate as a whole for a vote. Rumpf said he hopes that since the bill moved through the committee in the beginning of the month, it would go before the Senate by the end of June, and that the bill in the Assembly could move at the same pace. Assembly bill A-2027 (PDF) is essentially the same bill as S642.

S380, whose sponsors include Senators Chris Connors and Jeff Van Drew, among others, concerns the "sentencing of sex offenders and persons who harbor them; requires electronic monitoring for certain sex offenders and creates child protection zones."

S642 proposes enactment of the Jessica Lunsford Act, which imposes mandatory term of 25 years to life for aggravated sexual assault against a child under the age of 13 and increases penalties for harboring certain sex offenders.

Nine-year-old Jessica Lunsford was kidnapped, sexually assaulted, and murdered by a registered sex offender in 2005. Lunsford was from Florida, and many states have enacted “Jessica’s Law” since. New Jersey is one of the few remaining that has not.

This is something we’ve been in favor of for a long time,” Galloway Deputy Mayor Tony Coppola said Monday afternoon.

Galloway resident Anna Jezycki has been vocal about this issue, jump-starting two separate letter writing campaigns to all the state's municipalities and confronting the delegation from the Ninth District, made up of Connors, Rumpf and Assemblywoman DiAnne Gove, during a town hall meet and greet earlier this year.

In March, the Ninth District Delegation began on online petition drive through its website calling for action on this act, as well as other legislation related to sex offenders.

Our Delegation wholeheartedly supports the Jessica Lunsford Act as a comprehensive effort to expand protections under State law for children and communities as a whole. Strengthening penalties for sexual predators as provided for under this legislation would only further serve the very intent of Megan’s Law by ensuring the punishment fits the heinous nature of the crime,” the Ninth District Delegation said in a statement issued following Monday’s vote. “By any measure, there is strong support among residents living in the Ninth Legislative District for instituting additional safeguards in our judicial system in which law enforcement and the courts can treat sexual offenders in a manner fitting to the danger they represent to the community. Mandatory sentencing is absolutely appropriate and necessary when considering the nature of recidivism that is more common with this form of crime is committed against the most vulnerable persons, our children."
- Once again a politician admitting the laws are all about punishment, not regulations, and she also speaks of the nature of recidivism, which despite what they say, recidivism among ex-sex offenders is one of the lowest of any other criminal, yet they continue to pass draconian laws based on the lie that it's high?

Our Delegation has a long standing track record of working closely with local governing bodies and community activists on this important public safety issue. Nearly a decade ago, we worked with members of the Beachwood Governing Body to develop legislation to prohibit sexual offenders from living near schools or day care centers. More recently, we worked with residents in Galloway Township in petitioning the Legislature to post the Jessica Lunsford Act and other sexual offender legislation for Committee consideration.”
- And out of all the sex crimes committed in your state, how many of those have occurred near schools or day care centers?  I am willing to bet maybe 5 or less.  It's not the norm, yet they pass laws as if it is.

SVP risk tools show 'disappointing' reliability in real-world use

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