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NC - Former CMPD officer (Marcus Jackson) convicted of sex assaults released from prison

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By Jason Stoogenke

CHARLOTTE - The former Charlotte-Mecklenburg officer who sexually assaulted several women was released from prison Friday.

Marcus Jackson stepped out of prison shortly before noon.

Jackson sexually assaulted six women while he was on duty and in uniform. He pleaded guilty in 2010, got credit for the nearly 21 months he spent behind bars leading up to his guilty plea, and was sentenced to an extra 18 months in state prison.

He spent that time in Pamlico Correctional Institution, a medium-security prison east of New Bern.

Within 20 minutes of his release, he appeared on the state’s sex offender registry. It listed everything from his tattoos to his address on Tuckaseegee Road.

No one was at home Friday afternoon. The next-door neighbor opened the door, but did not speak.

A few doors down, Danielle Boyd said she is worried about any sex offender living in the neighborhood.

I’m a female. As me being a female, that kind of concerns me a lot,” she said.

According to the state’s sex offender handbook, offenders have to check in regularly and deputies with periodically check in on them. Jackson is not allowed to live near a school or day care center.

He is also barred from having a commercial driver’s license and may not start a Facebook page.

While he starts the new chapter in his life, some of his victims are still working on closure in their lives. They sued the city of Charlotte.

Most of the women have settled their lawsuits. Two of the women split $225,000; one woman received $350,000.

Two of the women have not settled, saying the city’s offer was too low. If an agreement is not reached, they are set to go to trial next year.

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CA - Former Sheriff's Sergeant (Mark Fitzpatrick) Convicted of Sexual Assault

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Former Sheriff's sergeant Mark Fitzpatrick must register as a sex offender for the rest of his life. The Department provide police services to Diamond Bar, Walnut and Industry.

A former Los Angeles County sheriff's sergeant convicted of sexually assaulting a woman and inappropriately searching two others while on duty was sentenced today to nine years and four months in state prison.

Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Sam Ohta also ordered Mark Fitzpatrick to register as a sex offender for the rest of his life.

Fitzpatrick, 42, was convicted last Oct. 7 of one count each of penetration under threat to arrest, sexual battery by restraint and sexual penetration by a foreign object by force, violence, duress or menace, and three counts of false imprisonment by violence.

The charges stemmed from three traffic stops in May 2008 while he was working out of the Compton sheriff's station. The department also patrols the cities of Diamond Bar, Walnut and Industry.

Fitzpatrick's wife, father and father-in-law spoke on his behalf.

"My husband is a good man," his wife, Shelly, told the judge. "He is an extremely hard worker ... He treats his family like we are gold. We are everything to him ... Everything this case has been -- he is so opposite of this."

His father, Tom, said his son was a "tremendous kid" who never presented any problems to his parents.

"The trauma on our family's been tremendous," he said.

Deputy District Attorney Natalie Adomian read a statement from a woman who testified during the trial about an April 1999 incident in which Fitzpatrick allegedly had her lift her top and expose her breasts and then digitally penetrated her in an apparent search for drugs. He was not charged with any crime involving that traffic stop.

The woman urged the judge to "impose on this person the maximum sentence for all the damage he has done as much to me as other women victims," but said she also wanted to "convey a message of hope and gratefulness that our voices have been heard and this person will be punished for what he has done."

"It is a shame how a respected and exemplary member of the community would break all moral and ethical rules and leave so much damage behind," the woman said in her written statement.

The judge -- who denied the defense's request for a new trial -- said he had observed "a lot of pain" on both sides in the case.

Marshals catch predators in their own ’Net

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By O’Ryan Johnson

The Internet has become notorious as a foul playground for child predators, but a top federal sex offender expert said the Web is now an effective if “horrible” tool for law enforcement, helping cops catch suspects who might have once gone undetected.

There is no doubt that the Internet has facilitated our ability to detect and apprehend sex offenders,” said Michael L. Bourke, chief psychologist of the behavioral analysis unit of the U.S. Marshals Service. “It’s allowed men who believe their actions are anonymous to access material that feeds their fantasies, to engage in chats with like-minded individuals or children, and all these lead to the facilitation of additional crime,” he said. “The Internet has been a tool that helps these men carry out their crime.”
- If a person hasn't been charged with a crime yet, then they are not exactly a "sex offender!"

Sexual violence against children goes unreported by the victim in 84 percent of the cases, making it a difficult crime to prosecute. But predators who view child pornography online leave trails that can help authorities make arrests.

This allows us to apprehend, through a different medium, actually undetected child molesters,” Bourke said. “It’s a horrible tool in the sense that this material is out there and children are exploited on a daily basis to produce the material, but from a law enforcement context, in an interesting way it’s allowing us to apprehend undetected, hands-on offenders, undetected child molesters.”

Bourke said in 1999, when Internet use was less widespread, there were 3,400 sex offenders in the Federal Bureau of Prisons. “Now there’s 18,000,” he said.

The Marshals Service is responsible under the Adam Walsh Child Protection Act for tracking down sex offenders who are unregistered or have violated the terms of their registration. Bourke profiles predators, outlining interrogation techniques and giving marshals a glimpse into their thinking. He co-authored an award-winning study based on 155 sex offenders serving time in North Carolina that revealed 85 percent of the men arrested for possession of child pornography had also victimized a child.
- I personally think, if you want a more accurate representation, you need to check more than 155 sex offenders.

Porn Stars Explain How They Ended Up in Picture With Bill Clinton: He Had the Secret Service Call Us Over

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My question is, why are porn stars at a gala for Mr. Clinton in the first place?


By Jonathon M. Seidl

On Thursday, a picture of Bill Clinton posing with three porn stars started circulating the Internet. It was apparently taken outside a gala event called “Nights in Monaco” at the Casino in Monte Carlo.

That’s Clinton with, from left, Jennifer Taule, Tasha Reign, and Brooklyn Lee. And for most of Thursday, details about the picture (and the story behind it) were hazy. That is until Reign and Lee called into TMZ and explained what happened.

According to the women, they were seated at the table next to the former president at the gala, and he had looked over at them numerous times. Eventually the girls — who said they think the president is “cute” and are big fans — tried to get a picture with him, but a Secret Service agent shooed them away. But Clinton wasn’t having any of the that.

So we ended up wandering by and we were going to approach him to take a picture and his Secret Service sort of brushed us away,” Lee explained.

As we were walking away, Bill actually had the Secret Service guy call us back and take a picture,” she said.

It’s unclear if Clinton knew what the women did for a living, but the girls thought he did. “I kind of feel like he knows,” Lee said.

So there you have it. The story behind the picture is actually (according to the girls) that it was Clinton’s doing. And that’s how a former president of the most powerful country in the world — who was once embroiled in a sex scandal — ended up in a picture with three porn stars.

Let the jokes — like Bill being “over the Hill” and the irony of Lee wearing a blue dress — begin.

By the way, if you’re interested in hearing the entire interview, you can watch it here (CONTENT WARNING: there are some “adult” themes discussed and some salty language). If you do watch, you’ll be treated to Reign saying, “I hope it doesn’t, you know, hurt his reelection, or whatever he’s trying to run for.”

Big fans.

Shereen El-Feki: How to fight an epidemic of bad laws

This is a video about HIV, but replace "HIV" with "sex offender" and the same can be said for ex-sex offenders.

Video Description:
There is an epidemic of HIV, and with it an epidemic of bad laws -- laws that effectively criminalize being HIV positive. At the TEDxSummit in Doha, TED Fellow Shereen El-Feki gives a forceful argument that these laws, based in stigma, are actually helping the disease spread.

Shereen El Feki is a TEDGlobal Fellow who writes on health and social welfare issues in the Arab world.