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MD - Richardo Flores (Public Defenders Office) Tips on Testifying in Annapolis

This video is tailored for Maryland ex-offenders, but the advice is the same for all other states, and I recommend others watch it.

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IL - Can you guys help me find this Federal Law?

The following was sent to us via the "CONTACT" form and posted with the users permission.

By Anonymous:
I am a RSO in Illinois and I received a letter in the mail from the Illinois State Police that says I am required to fill out a form and mail it to them.

It also says "This confirmation is required by federal law."

I have just moved here last year and it is a month until my in person registration and I have never been required to mail in a form in other places I have lived.

I also can not find this law they are referencing.

Are they just hassling me or did my previous state cause me to break federal law?

UK - Vandals torch sex offender's mum's £15,000 car

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This is yet more proof that the registry or accusations alone are punishment and that they do affect the entire family due to vigilante idiots who should be rounded up and thrown in prison.


By Matt Wilson

The mother of a 20-year-old Quinton man sent to jail for sexual activity with under-age girls had her car torched in the village the day before her son was sentenced.

[name withheld] sent a 13-year-old girl graphic sexual texts while he was on bail after being charged for raping a 15-year-old girl in May 2010.

He was jailed for 18 months last week after pleading guilty at Warwick Crown Court to a charge of sexual activity with a child and three of inciting a child to engage in sexual activity.

The night before his sentencing vandals torched the £15,000 Ford Mondeo belonging to his mother, [mother name withheld], outside her home on Goose Lane, in Lower Quinton, where [name withheld] lived.

However, Mrs [mother name withheld] believes the arson attack was “for no apparent reason” and does not think the family is being targeted. She said that the act of arson was just one of many in the area by a gang of youths.

NY - Homeless Sex Offender Trailers At Center Of Controversy (Police Harassment)

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By Colleen Reynolds

A dustup involving Southampton Town’s homeless sex offenders has flared over the past week, with the Suffolk County Department of Social Services accusing police officers of harassing those staying at a pair of county-owned trailers by conducting multiple predawn identity checks over the past three months.

Department of Social Services Commissioner Gregory J. Blass, in a phone interview last week, criticized Town Police for intimidating the sex offenders who take shelter in the county trailers in Westhampton and Riverside by arriving at the unreasonably early hours of 2 and 4 a.m., for example, and rousing the offenders to check their IDs.

Continued intimidation, he warned, will lead to a breach in the county’s ability to track the homeless sex offenders.

Checking for identification at the predawn hours may be their way of monitoring where they are, but if they persist in this unwarranted excess by doing it in the predawn hours, they will discourage the homeless registered sex offenders from using these emergency shelter trailers,” Mr. Blass said. “And if they do that, we will not know where the homeless sex offenders spend the night.”

Town Police Chief William Wilson Jr. said this week that his officers are not bullying or harassing anyone, but are simply fulfilling their responsibility to verify the residency of the homeless sex offenders for public safety purposes.

Mr. Blass, whose department is responsible for providing emergency housing to all of the county’s homeless, said his department cooperates fully with the police and that the trailer security guards share with officers the logs that document which offenders are present each night and what incidents, if any, occur. He said the police have made one too many predawn ID checks, saying they have done this about six to eight times since about February.

If the police wake them up all the time just for the sake of checking their IDs and not relying on the security guards and the logs they have prepared, which are done honestly and professionally, then the system we have starts to fall apart, and they will avoid these trailers,” Mr. Blass said.

He added that his department recently enacted a new policy because of what he views as pre-dawn raids. The new policy, Mr. Blass said, requires police to have a warrant before entering the trailers. He said one officer ignored the policy last week.

The county is required by law to provide shelter to homeless sex offenders, while the Town Police are required to verify that the homeless sex offenders are living where they say they are living. If sex offenders do not register a change of address within 10 days of a move, they can be charged with a felony. The Westhampton trailer, located near the Suffolk County Police shooting range on Old Country Road, currently houses about eight offenders, while the Riverside trailer, which sits just outside the Suffolk County Jail, houses about 18.

Town Police Detective Sergeant Lisa Costa this week defended the police department’s recent action, adding that she was surprised by Mr. Blass’s stance. She explained that the police usually refer to a list of names provided by a trailer security guard.

That did not suffice on its face for us conducting our felony investigations,” she said, adding that if police have to press charges against the homeless sexual offenders, they must have firsthand knowledge of where they are living and officers cannot rely on the lists provided by the guards.

Two recent arrests involving convicted sex offenders led to the recent instances, Det. Sgt. Costa said.

In one case, a Level 3 sex offender—the most severe classification leveled on sex offenders, which indicates high risk of repeat offense—living in Flanders, [name withheld], 56, was arrested in Riverside on May 12 after police said he forced a woman into the woods at knife point and attempted to assault her. Mr. [name withheld] was convicted of first-degree rape in 1983, according to the State Division of Criminal Justice Services sex offender registry.

In the other case, a 52-year-old sex offender, [name withheld], was arrested on May 9 through a joint investigation of the Southampton Town Police, Suffolk County Police and the U.S. Marshals. Mr. [name withheld], a Level 2 sex offender—a classification that denotes a moderate risk of repeat offense—had registered his address as the Riverside trailer, but authorities said he was not living there. Det. Sgt. Costa said his actual place of residence was undetermined, but that he was located and arrested in Amityville. Mr. [name withheld] was convicted of second-degree rape in 2003, the registry states.

An occasional verification of an address for the common good and safety for the surrounding community clearly outweighs an inconvenience of waking someone up,” she said. “We are not trying to bully. We are not trying to infringe upon their sleep or their rights. We are simply trying to just get the job done.”

None of the homeless sex offenders living in the trailer could be reached for comment this week.

Mr. Blass said all of the recent attention on the Southampton Town Police Department, pointing to the Suffolk County district attorney office’s ongoing investigation of department record-keeping and other internal issues, have prompted the pre-dawn identification checks at the trailers. He said police officials are simply trying to deflect attention away from them.

It seems a stretch to call the grand jury investigation and this upsurge in these predawn raids to monitor those already being monitored a coincidence,” Mr. Blass said.

NY - Ex-chief (Thomas Levandowski) listed as sex offender for raping a 10-year-old girl, and child porn

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By Bob Gardinier

Cambridge's ex-top cop on sex crimes list after ouster of rape conviction

TROY — A former Washington County town police chief whose 50-year prison term for rape was thrown out by a higher court because of prosecutorial misconduct is now a Level 1 sex offender.

Thomas Levandowski appeared before Judge Robert Jacon for a hearing Wednesday on what sex offender level he will be assigned and was given the lowest level for those deemed least likely to re-offend. He is eligible for parole in February 2014.

Assistant District Attorney Michele Poole argued that the former Cambridge police chief should be given the more stringent Level 2.

William Roberts, Levandowski's attorney, argued that Jacon's ruling should reflect a state review board determination that Levandowski should get Level 1 status. Level 1 offenders are not publicly listed.

Levandowski was convicted by a jury Aug. 23, 2002, of raping a girl between September 1996 and June 2001 when she was between the ages of 10 and 15.

The Appellate Division of state Supreme Court threw out 38 of 43 counts and the sentence and ordered a new trial on the remaining charges. The appellate justices cited several trial errors by the prosecutor, Patricia DeAngelis. DeAngelis prosecuted the case before she became Rensselaer County district attorney.

Levandowski, who also worked as a Hoosick Falls police officer and Washington County sheriff's deputy, pleaded guilty in May 2004 as the new trial date approached. He is serving a four- to 12-year sentence on three counts of possessing Internet photos of a sexual performance of a child under the age of 16. The photos were not of his original victim but came to light during the investigation of that case. He also pleaded guilty to endangering the welfare of a child and four counts of criminal contempt regarding his original victim, charges the higher court left intact. Those counts deal with Levandowski grabbing the girl by the arm and going to her school four times in violation of an order of protection to stay away from her.

The appellate justices faulted DeAngelis for repeatedly questioning a witness after the judge sustained objections by Levandowski's lawyer.

The justices also found improper that family members and friends of the victim as well as employees of the district attorney's office had seated themselves up front by the jury wearing ribbons of support during summations. The justices noted an instance in which DeAngelis had cross-examined the girl's mother, who testified the girl fabricated her accusations. DeAngelis said, ''The grand jury thought otherwise, didn't they?'' With the jury out of the courtroom, the judge ''severely reprimanded the prosecutor for pursuing such a line of questioning,'' the justices wrote.

Levandowski's wife, Sharon Levandowski, was charged with endangering for knowing about her husband's alleged abuse but doing nothing to stop it. She also faced additional charges for threatening the girl to keep her quiet and later pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor charge of endangering and got three years probation.