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Obama talks about bullying

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What a hypocrite! Politics as usual! Do anything, say anything to get the sheeple to obey, follow and worship you! What about the over 750,000 not including the family of these people, who are being harassed, bullied, and a growing number being murdered and lynched?

What about them? You Mr. Obama, should care for everyone, and obey the Constitution, yet you continue to side step everyone.

Hopefully this election, you will be kicked out and we get someone (Ron Paul) in the White House!

We've got to also dispel the myths being propagated by the media and politicians like you, who say the recidivism of ex-sex offenders is high, when most of the studies out there say otherwise. It's all about politics, fear mongering, and how to exploit people for your own benefit, like you taking credit for Osama Bin Laden!

The Advantages of Group Therapy v Individual Therapy

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An explanation of the advantages group psychotherapy has over individual therapy.

UK - Accused murderer (Christopher Hunnisett) ‘targeted sex offenders’

Christopher Hunnisett
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Accused murderer Christopher Hunnisett yesterday (Monday) gave evidence to defend his actions claiming he was protecting vulnerable people from sex offenders.

Hunnisett, 28, of Chanctonbury Drive, remained calm and spoke in military terminology as he stood in the witness box at Lewes Crown Court and detailed the ‘clear and concise strategy’ he applied when trying to catch sex offenders.

He stands trial on one count of murder after 57-year-old [name withheld] was found bludgeoned to death in his flat in Bexhill.

The court heard from defence barrister David Martin-Sperry that in the run up to Mr [name withheld]’s death Hunnsiett had been using various websites and forums to gather information about him.

Hunnisett said: “What I was doing was gathering lots of different information on different people."

I was using vigilante sites, victims forums, and listening to rumours."
- This is why vigilante sites like PJ, AZU, EU, etc, should be shut down.  They post lies and disinformation, and what is going to happen when a sick individual (and believe me, there are a lot in their cabal) goes out and harms someone based on their lies?

I would then track people down, find them and test them."

There was a rumour about [name withheld] one or two weeks before and that is how I first found him."

I knew basic information, that his name was [name withheld], he had a red car, he lived in Bexhill was aged between 50 and 70.”

Hunnisett said the information and the rumour about Mr [name withheld] had come from a ‘live source’.

He added: “I had also seen a photo, a digital photo on the screen of a hand held device."

I had a certain time limit to deal with this specific incident to prevent further potential contact."

I started searches from websites where I had established profiles already."

Sex sites specifically have lots of filters, age, sex and location its easy to filter down to Bexhill area the do an age filter."

If you have the full name it is even easier.”
- This is why people use aliases online, to prevent insane folks from coming after them.

He admitted spending ‘around 50 per cent’ of his day every day using his parents’ and friends’ computers.

He also told the court he used military code words he had read about in books to define his potential victims.

Any suspect was called ‘Sierra’ in reference to the phonetic alphabet and once the name and location had been confirmed they became a target and were then called ‘Tango’.

Hunnisett said once he had established contact and was in a position to ‘test’ the person they were called ‘ASU’.

Final stage is X-ray where suspects had been ‘made safe’ by being locked up ‘or whatever’, he added.

Hunnisett said: “I based a lot of structure of it on being clear and concise like a military strategy, using the terminology."

Becoming more agitated, Hunnisett added: “There are an estimated 600,000 paedophiles in the UK."

Even if you found 100 a day it would still take over 20 years. It is overwhelming for once person."

I do commend the police and child protection agencies but they are bound by laws and rules."

They can’t go on the internet like me because it is a breach of privacy. They can only do open source research, if you really want to find out you need to look a little bit deeper."

I was going outside of the law I admit that. I was stopping them hurting women children and vulnerable people.”

Mr Martin-Sperry said while in prison Hunnisett had been at the Brendan Underwood treatment centre for convicts.

He was involved in some ‘unsuitable’ therapy where he was forced to speak as a victim so paedophiles could see the damage they have done.

After this therapy session Hunnisett went back to his cell and claims to have heard these abusers plotting their next paedophile ring, the court heard.

Mr Martin-Sperry said: “He knows that a true paedophile isn’t to be cured. He remains an absolute threat to children."

That is why Hunnisett forms a resolve to expose paedophiles.”

Hunnisett had previously been convicted of murder in 2002 for killing 81-year-old Reverend [name withheld] who was his landlord at the time.

He was sentenced to life but in September 2010 he was acquitted of the murder at a retrial by the Appeal Court - where it emerged the clergyman sexually abused him throughout his teens.

UK - Former PCSO Gary Hastings faces jail over sex attacks on children

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A former police community support officer (PCSO) is facing a lengthy prison sentence after admitting a string of sex attacks on children.

Gary Hastings, a former PCSO with Humberside Police, pleaded guilty to seven charges of sexual activity with two children.

He also denied two charges of causing one of the children to be involved in prostitution and pornography. The charges were left to lie on file.

The Honorary Recorder of York, Judge Stephen Ashurst, warned Hastings, 48, he could be facing an indeterminate sentence for public protection.

He said: "You have pleaded guilty to seven out of nine counts, all involving extremely grave behaviour."

"The nature of the offences you have committed is such that a significant custodial sentence is inevitable."

"The only issue is whether that should be a fixed sentence or whether a sentence of imprisonment for public protection should be considered."

York Crown Court heard both victims were under 16.

Hastings joined the force in 2008 and was employed as a PCSO in the Immingham neighbourhood policing team on the south bank.

He was suspended from the force in August after the allegations came to light and has since resigned.

He has been remanded in custody before he is sentenced next month.

His barrister, Mark Mckone, made an application for bail, saying Hastings wants to "take practical steps" in relation to the home he owns in Wright Street, city centre.

Refusing the application, Judge Ashurst said: "Given the length of the sentence that is likely to follow in this case, I take the view that if I was to grant you bail at this stage, it would only serve to give you false hope."

A spokesman for Humberside Police said: "Gary Hastings was suspended in August 2011 following an investigation by the Humberside Police Professional Standards Branch."

"He later tendered his resignation which came into effect at the end of January 2012 and is no longer an employee of Humberside Police."

"He commenced employment as a PCSO in North East Lincolnshire in March 2008 after undergoing standard vetting procedures for this role."

Hastings was also employed as a foster carer by the private agency Kindercare, which provides foster carers for children in local authority care, and has looked after children on behalf of East Riding Council.

A spokesman for Hull City Council said: "No Hull children were ever placed in Gary Hastings's care and he was never a foster carer for Hull City Council."

Alison Michalska, director of children, family and adult services at East Riding Council, said: "We welcome the fact Gary Hastings has pleaded guilty and spared the victims the ordeal of giving evidence in a trial."

"It would not be appropriate to make any further comment until after sentencing."

A spokesman for Kindercare confirmed Hastings was a foster carer for the company but said the agency would not comment until after the sentencing.

Hastings was also made to sign the sex offenders' register.


The Serial Killer Next Door

This is off topic, and shows that people just don't give a crap who lives around them, except if you are on a public shaming hit-list.

FL - Registered sex offender creates housing for fellow sex offenders

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By Dan Schenek

Registered sex offender Randy Young buys homes throughout Florida and leases them as "habitats" for registered sex offenders.

Critics are up in arms, but Young told HLN’s Dr. Drew Tuesday night that he is protecting the community.

In the state of Florida, sex offenders are allowed to live as homeless,” Young explained. “In places like Miami, there are more than 200 homeless sex offenders living on the streets. It’s very hard to monitor and supervise. Whereas if they were in homes, then it's fairly easy for the law enforcement to check them out.”

A registered sex offender, who lives at one of Young's homes, called Dr. Drew on the air to tell him how difficult it is for a sex offender to find housing in Florida -- and how Young has provided him much needed help . Hear that portion of the story and more in the video clip above.

Comments Left On The Article:
If you want to know how bad it is, across the country, all you have to do is look around on the Internet at the articles. We have many on our blog:

And on YouTube, here and here.

Also, why do we only have an online shaming hit-list for ex-sex offenders, a long with residency restrictions, which if you check the facts, do nothing to prevent crime or actually protect anybody, WHY DON'T WE HAVE ONE REGISTRY FOR ALL CRIMINALS so we know ALL SINNERS who live around us? Is the reason because most people would then be on one? Like all the cops, politicians, celebrities and others who also commit sex crimes and are usually not in the media? We are all suppose to be treated equally, are we not?

And believe me, they are coming, sex offender registries are just the test bed, and you can see many more coming and/or existing registries at the link above.

Also, what exactly was the point of this show Dr. Drew? Exploiting people for ratings and money? That is how it appears to me, and you are suppose to be a "doctor?"

In a recent show, Dr. Drew had two other women on his show. One woman's husband was a part of the NAMBLA pedophile group, but the other women, Lynn Gilmore, her husband is not. He was convicted of a sexual crime. But, Dr. Drew splashes the "I MARRIED A PEDOPHILE" text on the screen.

Lynn's husband has NEVER been diagnosed as a pedophile, and Dr. Drew should know that, after all, he is a "doctor" who specializes in sex, is he not? Read Lynn's story here.

The Interview With Dr. Drew and Lynn Gilmore

Video Link

And what is up with this? Are you condoning parents to sexualize their children?