Sunday, March 25, 2012

CA - Banning sex offenders from online dating empowers predators

Video Description:
eHarmony, and Sparks, all online dating sites, just announced a California agreement to cross-reference members with the sex offender registry, based on a woman's allegations that she was victimized by someone she met through the site who had a previous sex crime conviction. The poorly-thought out plan, lauded by Attorney General Kamala Harris (Article, Facebook, YouTube), empowers predators and removes incentive for sex offenders to re-integrate healthily.

CA - California police are more interested in demonizing sex offenders than finding a missing girl

Video Description:
I express outrage over the audacity of California police for being more concerned with living up to the sex offender hysteria they've created than looking for missing Sierra Lamar. I ponder if her status as the family member of a registered sex offender may have led to her disappearance.