Friday, March 16, 2012

OK - Former Hennessey police officer (Patrick Clay Stackhouse) sentenced to 40 years for child sexual abuse

Patrick Clay Stackhouse
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By Cass Rains

KINGFISHER — A former Hennessey police officer will serve 40 years in prison and five years probation after pleading guilty to a single count of child sexual abuse.

Patrick Clay Stackhouse, 29, also was ordered by District Judge Paul Woodward to pay a $500 fine, $100 to the victims compensation fund and court and jail costs during his sentencing this morning in Kingfisher County District Court.

Stackhouse pleaded guilty Jan. 11 to the sexual abuse of a girl that began when she was 8 years old and lasted for about two years.

Assistant District Attorney Bryan Slabotsky, who asked for a life sentence, said he had “no complaints” with the sentence.

He wished to thank Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation agents for their work on the case.

OSBI did an excellent job,” Slabotsky said.

Because of the nature of the crime, Stackhouse must serve 85 percent of his sentence before being considered for parole or other deferments. Following his release, Stackhouse must comply with state mandated sex offender registration guidelines.

TX - Harris County deputy constable (Jeremy English) accused of sexual assault of a child

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HOUSTON (KTRK) - A constable with Harris County Precinct 5 Constable's Office has been arrested, accused of sexually abusing a child.

Jeremy English is being booked into jail now. He's charged with three counts of sexual assault of a child and one count of online solicitation of a minor.

The Harris County Sheriff's Office says the victim was 14 at the time of the alleged assault.

Precinct 5 says English has been relieved of duty and it is conducting its own investigation into the allegations.

TX - Texas Gunman's Rampage Followed Sex Abuse Claims

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We do not know the details other than what is below, on this case, but all it takes is an allegation and you are automatically guilty!



The gunman police say went on a shooting spree outside a Texas courthouse this week had become increasingly frustrated by sexual misconduct charges his daughter lodged against him and two of his brothers, and he was so convinced of his innocence he rejected a plea deal that would have kept him out of prison, records and interviews revealed.

Police say [name withheld] opened fire Wednesday outside the Jefferson County courthouse in Beaumont, killing an elderly woman and wounding three others, including his daughter and her mother, in what's now coming into focus as a final, desperate act of a man who believed he and his brothers had been wrongfully accused.

"This has been going on for a long time, and I guess he finally snapped," said one of the brothers, [brother name withheld]. "He couldn't take it anymore."

[name withheld], 41, was in custody Friday on $4 million bond after being charged with the murder of a bystander, [victim name withheld], 79, of Deweyville.

Meanwhile, his daughter remained hospitalized in critical but stable condition, a police spokeswoman said. Authorities say [name withheld] shot the 20-year-old woman and ran over her with his pickup truck as he tried to leave the scene.

The rampage occurred just hours before [name withheld]'s daughter was to resume testimony in a trial in which she accused her father of sexually assaulting her nine years ago. It was the latest episode in a saga that has led to two other criminal cases, a series of lawsuits and a sharply-divided family.

[name withheld]'s daughter made the allegations against her father and uncles in 2009, shortly after she moved out of her father's Houston home and went to live with her mother in Lake Charles, La., court records show.

One of [name withheld]'s brothers, [brother name withheld], was scheduled to stand trial in the same Beaumont courtroom on a charge of indecency with a child once [name withheld]'s trial was finished, although officials say both cases are now on hold because of the shooting investigation.

[brother name withheld], 43, was out on bond at the time of the shooting. He has since been arrested and held on $500,000 bond at the direction of the trial judge, John Stevens.

[brother name withheld], 44, was charged with sexual assault and prohibited sexual contact in Houston, but those changes have been dismissed, according to court records.

During trial testimony Tuesday, [name withheld]'s daughter recounted details of the alleged rape. She also testified that she first spoke of abuse during a conversation in which she and her mother were discussing whether to obtain a protective order against [name withheld].

[brother name withheld] said in an interview that he and his brothers believe his niece was prompted to make false statements by her mother because of lingering bitterness over a custody battle, but authorities have refused to take them seriously. [name withheld] and his daughter's mother had two children together but were never married.

"In every corner, no matter we tried to do, it was like nobody wanted to hear our side," [brother name withheld] said. "It's like, 'You're going to jail no matter what you do, what evidence you have.' It's been like that the whole way through."

Court records show the case against [brother name withheld] was closed by Houston police due to lack of information.

Jefferson County District Attorney Tom Maness declined to comment on the cases in his jurisdiction because both are still pending.

The mother did not respond to messages at phone numbers listed for her.


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Hamilton was charged with one count of violating Wis. Stat. § 948.075(1r), which prohibits the use of "a computerized communication system" to facilitate a child sex crime. According to the criminal complaint, an undercover police officer sent a group message through a cellular phone chat network called UPOC, to a subgroup called Wisconsin Lounge, adopting the persona of a fourteen-year-old girl. Hamilton responded via text message on his cellular phone and arranged to meet the purported fourteen-year-old girl for purposes of engaging in sexual activity. Hamilton was arrested at the proposed meeting location.

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IA - Iowa House Passes Sex Offender Notification

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By Erika Cervantes

Iowa lawmakers are working on new rules for nursing homes, residential care facilities and assisted living centers. The proposed changes have to do with sex offenders.

The bill making its way through the state house would require the homes and facilities to check the sex offender registry. If an offender is discovered, every single staff member, resident and resident's family would have to be notified. Also, a plan of safety would have to be put in place to protect staff, residents and their families.

If an offender asks to move into or has a court order to move into a nursing home, assisted living center or residential care, the director or owner must give their approval. The bill also gives homes and facilities the opportunity to deny sex offenders. In that case, the Department of Human Services will be notified, so they can find a spot for the offender.

The bill passed the house unanimously. A senate sub-committee has also recommended approval.

Your Interview with the President

We need to start getting people willing to be on camera to do this, IMO. Put him on the spot and ask him questions about sex offender laws.

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