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IL - Ex-ESDA officer (Kevin T. Zebell) guilty in Naperville child sex case

Kevin T. Zebell
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A onetime member of the Romeoville Emergency Services and Disaster Agency has been sentenced to jail and ordered to register as a sex offender, after being convicted of trying to arrange a sexual rendezvous last summer with a teenage girl from Naperville.

Kevin T. Zebell pleaded guilty in Will County Circuit Court in Joliet to felony charges of indecent solicitation/aggravated criminal sexual abuse and grooming, according to court records.

Zebell, 33, was sentenced Thursday to 180 days in Will County Jail, records showed. He has spent 204 days in the jail since being arrested, and with day for day credit for good behavior, has completed that term.

He also was placed on 2 1/2 years of intensive probation, records indicated. Zebell also must register as a sex offender and provide a sample of his DNA, which will be entered into the state’s sex offender database, according to records.

Zebell was arrested Aug. 10 following an investigation by the Naperville Police Department’s High Technology Crimes Unit, with assistance from Lockport police and the Will County sheriff’s office.

Naperville police Detective Rich Wistocki said the probe began last July with information provided by a man who lives with his family on Naperville’s southwest side.

The father was monitoring his 16-year-old daughter’s Facebook account, Wistocki said in August. “He observed some inappropriate messages from Mr. Zebell ... that were sexual in nature,” Wistocki said.

Detectives then began monitoring Zebell’s online conversations with the girl, Wistocki said. Zebell ultimately arranged to meet her at a business in Lockport.

Wistocki said Zebell went there expecting to meet the girl. He was instead taken into custody by eight or nine members of the Naperville, Lockport and Will County sheriff’s police agencies, Wistocki said.

Zebell in 2003 served as a sergeant with the Emergency Services and Disaster Agency in Romeoville.

Court documents showed he was arrested at least 26 times between 1996 and 2010 on traffic-related charges in Will, DuPage and Kane counties, including a January 2010 arrest for drunken driving in Crest Hill. He was sentenced to 60 days in jail and ordered to perform 240 hours of community service work after being convicted in that case, records indicated.

AUSTRALIA - Tough for sex offenders in Cessnock jail

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The fact is, sex offenders have one of the lowest recidivism rates of any other criminal, and most do not come back for new sex crimes, if you look at the facts and not listen to hysteria.



The state's rapists and paedophiles will have to complete an "in-your-face" course for up to a year at the start of their jail terms at a purpose-built facility at Cessnock jail or remain in maximum security for the duration of their sentences.
- Once again, this article is about sex offenders, but above they insert pedophile into the mix to make it seem as if all sex offenders are pedophiles, or so it seems to me.

All sex offenders will be given the option of spending eight hours a day at counseling and group therapy sessions to confront their crimes in a plan to reduce re-offending.

The secure wing inside the new, $97 million, 250-bed addition to Cessnock jail is due to take its first inmates in July.

The program will be the first of its type in Australia.

If inmates refuse to take part in the program they face spending their entire sentence under maximum security conditions as well as unfavorable recommendations at parole hearings.
- What if a person is truly innocent?  They FORCE you to "admit" to stuff you did not do in order to not be treated badly while in their money making system.

Corrective Services Commissioner Ron Woodham said research had shown a 70 per cent reduction in re-offending when sex offenders completed the course, which can run for between six and 12 months.
- The re-offending rate is already low!

"Sex offenders will no longer be able to float through the system and do the course at the end of a lengthy jail term," Mr Woodham said.

"This is about making them complete this course early on when they are first taken into custody in an effort to get them to address their offending behavior and reduce the chances of them committing the same crimes upon release."

Up to 40 sex offenders will be housed separately in five-square-metre cells at any one time and will have limited interaction.

The inmates will be woken at 6am. They can have a maximum seven-minute shower, eat their breakfast and clean before going to eight hours of intensive sessions.

They will spend about 16 hours a day in their cells as part of normal maximum security arrangements.

In the past, sex offenders had been able to opt when and if they underwent sex therapy sessions and could apply for minimum security arrangements before they completed any courses.

Department of Corrective Services Cessnock and Lower Hunter Cluster general manager David Mumford said all sex offenders would be given the opportunity to take part in the program.

"We can't force them to attend but what we can do is not allow them to progress any further through the correctional system until they have completed the program," Mr Mumford said.
- So basically it's complete the "therapy," or stay in prison for life?  Like I said, what if someone is truly innocent?

"So the carrot really is to participate to address their offending behaviour and to understand that the offending, in terms of sexual-related offenses upon adults and children, is something that the community do not want and will not tolerate."

Two psychiatrists will be on hand for every 12 inmates, stopping manipulative offenders from choosing their own therapy.

"It really prohibits the chance for manipulation and to ensure that they do address their offending behaviour and are not sitting there telling what they think the psychologist wants to hear," Mr Mumford.

The unit will be part of a new, 250-bed addition to Cessnock jail, which, with a capacity for 802 inmates, will be the biggest prison outside of Sydney.

There will be public open days on March 31 and April 1.

NY - Bill would stiffen sex offender penalties

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By Michael Pantelidis

In an effort to keep the public safe from sexual abuse, the New York State Senate has passed a bill increasing the penalty for repeat offenders.

The Senate has approved legislation introduced by Senator Michael Gianaris which excludes time spent in prison from the 10-year period during which the actions of a repeat sex offender are deemed “persistent sexual abuse.”

Under the current law, criminals who commit certain sex crimes on multiple occasions can count time they are incarcerated towards the decade-long period in which they are subject to harsher penalties.

Repeat sex offenders must be punished to the fullest extent of the law,” Gianaris said. “By specifically directing the exclusion of any time during which a person was incarcerated from the 10 year look back period, this bill would more effectively hold the offender accountable under the law.”

The legislation has yet to reach the Assembly floor for a vote, but if passed there, it will be sent to Governor Andrew Cuomo for signing.

This bill is intended to prevent sex offenders who repeatedly target women and children from finding leniency in legal loopholes,” said Assemblymember Aravella Simotas, who co-authored the bill. “The legislation’s passage in the Senate is an important first step towards ensuring that individuals who commit persistent sexual abuse face the full consequences of their crimes.”

My Son is an ex-offender

NJ - Bill Increasing Penalties For Concealing And Harboring Sex Offenders Advances

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TRENTON - Hindering the apprehension and prosecution of a sex offender attempting to evade registration and monitoring requirements under Megan’s Law would become a crime of the third degree with a mandatory minimum sentence of three years in prison under legislation sponsored by Senator Tom Kean, Jr. (R- Union).

The bill, S-622 (PDF), was advanced today by the Senate Law and Public Safety Committee.

Those who knowingly aid a sex offender in skirting the requirements of Megan’s Law and evade authorities put our communities at risk,” said Kean. “Given the rate of recidivism among convicted sex offenders and the heinous nature of their crimes, those who harbor these individuals must also be held accountable. The public has a right to know when sex offenders are inhabiting their communities, and those who stand in the way of that right deserve to be brought to justice.”
- Yet another law proposed on false information.  The fact is that sex offenders have one of the LOWEST recidivism rates of any other criminal, not high like this man believes.

The legislation is derived from a portion of the Jessica Lunsford Act, a bill that has languished for years in the legislature toughening penalties on those convicted of lewd and lascivious acts involving children. Kean is also the prime sponsor of the Jessica Lunsford Act.

VA - Former police captain (Brent Mitchell Taylor) indicted for solicitation of a minor

Brent Mitchell Taylor
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A former Fredericksburg police captain who resigned in January after being arrested in Stafford County was indicted Monday on two felony charges.

Brent Mitchell Taylor, 46, is charged with using a computer to solicit a minor and crimes against nature.

The direct indictments handed down by a Stafford grand jury Monday followed a quietly conducted investigation that began after Taylor’s initial arrest on Jan. 7.

Taylor was charged in January with contributing to the delinquency of a minor, a misdemeanor.

Stafford authorities said they questioned a 17-year-old Fairfax boy a deputy saw walking on U.S. 17 early that morning.

The boy told police he had accidentally locked himself out of a room at the Motel 6 on Warrenton Road, but said the man who had rented the room would be returning later.

Taylor was arrested when he returned to the room later that morning and was released on a summons. A trial on the misdemeanor charge had already been set for April 20 in Stafford Juvenile and Domestic Court.

Taylor was the head of the city’s detective division at the time of his arrest.

He was immediately placed on administrative leave with pay, where he remained until resigning from the department on Jan. 20.

Taylor had been with city police for 24 years and was promoted to captain in October 2006. He lives in southern Stafford.

The new felony charges involve the same teen as before. Police said previously that the two had met on the Internet and agreed to get together, and Taylor picked the boy up in Fairfax without the permission of the boy’s parents.

The solicitation charge carries a maximum penalty of 10 years in prison, and the crimes against nature charge carries a potential five-year sentence.

However, convicted first-time offenders rarely get anything close to the maximum penalty.

The latter charge indicates that police believe Taylor had sexual contact with the boy. The indictments list Jan. 6 or 7 as the offense dates of all the charges.

City police spokeswoman Natatia Bledsoe said Sheriff Charles Jett called police chief David Nye to inform him of Taylor’s arrest the morning that it happened and city police immediately began its own internal investigation.

That investigation is complete, Bledsoe said, but the results are not being made public.

Court records indicate that Taylor will receive a $2,500 personal recognizance bond once he is arrested.

Mark Gardner and Ted Butler are listed as his defense attorneys, and Jim Peterson is prosecuting the case.

VA - Schools Take Precautions as Voters Head to the Polls

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Come on, this is pure fear mongering. If the school wants to be safe, why not hire guards for the day? People have a right to vote, in some states, and kids will be in class while people come in and out to vote. This is pure hysteria over nothing. Not all ex-sex offenders have harmed children, yet the media continues to spread hysteria making it seem as if pedophiles are everywhere.


When your child heads to school Tuesday, they could be coming dangerously close to a sex offender (Oh the horror!). The Republican presidential primary is Tuesday, and since schools often serve as polling places, they have to allow all registered voters in - even sex offenders.

It's a touchy topic. Four schools in Charlottesville, two in Greene County, five in Orange County, and several more across the state are acting as voting precincts for elections, with schools in session.

But a lot of people wonder why sex offenders are allowed to vote on school property in the first place (Because they have a right to vote, and polling places are at schools?). When schools open their doors for classes, parents know the law prohibits sex offenders from coming in.

In Virginia, it's clear - every adult convicted of a sexually violent offense is prohibited from entering or being present during school hours and during school-related activities. However, that law does not apply if the offender is registered and qualified to vote, and is coming on school property solely to cast their ballot.

It's a provision that has parents like Janet Ball worried. "As a mother and a grandmother, I do not want a sex offender anywhere near that school, no matter what," she said.
- You see, the media and politicians have spread the "pedophile panic" for so long, everyone thinks all sex offenders are child molesting, pedophile predators just waiting to sexually abuse and kill your child, which is not true, but hey, at least the media get viewers, and politicians get to "look tough" while actually doing nothing except exploiting fear.

Virginia State Police say it's an issue for many school districts such as Greene County, but they say when it comes to Tuesday, it's out of their hands. So schools are doing their best with the system they have.

"Some things I don't have control over, so I'm going to focus on what I do have control over, which is kids moving in and out of the school, making sure folks are going where they are supposed to go, nowhere else," said Greene County Superintendent David Jeck.

He says they will be taking extra precautions. When voters come to cast their ballots, they're asked to enter and leave through side gymnasium doors. School officials don't anticipate any type of contact at all between their students and voters. Doors will be locked from the gym to the school and extra hands will be on deck to keep voters away from kids.
- This is all good, and it should be done, if folks are so freaked out, so why the need for a fear mongering news story?  Sounds like they have it under control to me.  Oh yeah, we have to pacify the paranoid public sheeple who have been inundated with the "pedophile panic" for years.

Jeck even went on to explain that they are using this as a teaching tool to help kids understand what all goes into the voting process, but a lot of people say keeping voters away from students isn't good enough. They want the law changed to keep sexual predators away from schools at all times.
- Aren't they suppose to teach how government works in school?  They did when I was growing up.  If they do, then why do they need to use this as a "teaching tool?"  And if you don't want ex-sex offenders coming to schools, then move the polling places...  Problem solved, and without a new draconian law!

"I think that they should be provided with an absentee ballot, that would take care of this issue," said voter Virginia Ferrell.

"But that's been the law, they have been allowed to in the state of Virginia for years, so hopefully that won't be an issue because you always worry you know, being a mother and grandmother myself, you constantly worry," said Greene County Registrar Sandra Shifflett.
- Because you've been drinking the fear mongering koolaid for tool long.

On a positive note, the voting exception is only granted to those sexual offenders who have not been convicted of a felony. Anyone with a felony has their right to vote taken away all together.