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UK - Former police officer (Geoffrey Poole) admits sex assault on girl

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A former police officer has admitted a sex offence against a 16-year-old girl while running a naval training corps for young people.

Navy veteran Geoffrey Poole, 51, was an officer in Gloucestershire Constabulary until 2001. At Gloucester Crown Court he admitted sexual activity with a girl under 18. He touched the girl sexually in woodland between Kempsford and Hannington Wick, between February 18 and March 20 last year.

At the time of the offence Poole of Memorial Cottages, Coln St Aldwyn, near Fairford, was commanding officer of a local navy training corps having volunteered to be an instructor.

David Martin, defending, asked for a pre-sentence report and for Poole to be granted conditional bail pending sentence on March 28.

AK - Report: Department knew police officer (Anthony Rollins) had sex while on duty

Anthony Rollins
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Police reports from an internal investigation of convicted rapist and disgraced ex-cop Anthony Rollins paint the picture of a sex fiend who prowled for women long before he was taken off duty and arrested.

The reports come from the Anchorage Police Department's files on Rollins and were filed in court Friday by a lawyer for women suing the 13-year veteran officer and the city that employed him. The lawsuits say Rollins' employers should have known he posed a threat to women after catching him having sex while on duty.

Christine Schleuss, a lawyer for five of the nine women, is seeking more information from the internal investigation reports because the summaries provided to her are incomplete, she said in the Friday filing.

"However, incomplete as they are, they describe (the city's) pattern of misconduct as it kept Rollins on the job, allowed him to run free -- in uniform and on unsupervised patrol -- while he continued to sexually assault innocent women," Schleuss wrote.

The sexual assaults for which Rollins was convicted occurred in 2008 and 2009. But the reports made public Friday indicate that his superiors and fellow officers were apparently aware that he was having sex while on the job years before the first rape victim came forward in April 2009.

According to one report, a rumor was circulating among Anchorage police officers in October 2001 that Rollins received oral sex during one of his shifts. An officer investigating the rumor talked to the roommate of the woman with whom Rollins was rumored to have had sex.

The roommate said Rollins drove a police cruiser to their apartment. He spent several minutes in a hallway with the other woman, who later told the roommate she'd performed oral sex on Rollins. The alleged sexual partner denied that when questioned by police, and so did Rollins during an interview two months later. The investigating officer deemed the allegation "unfounded," the report says.

In 2003, a "known prostitute" told police that a black officer in the Canine Unit -- Rollins was the only black officer in the unit, the report notes -- made sexual, vulgar comments to her.

"The Officer threatened her with arrest to get sexual favors however no sexual activity occurred," according to an affidavit by an Internal Affairs Unit investigator.

That's when the Internal Affairs officers joined forces with the FBI in an attempted sting operation that aimed to catch Rollins in the act. The sting employed an undercover agent who posed as a prostitute. She was placed in areas where she was likely to come into contact with Rollins, who stopped to talk to her twice, the affidavit says.

"During these encounters (Rollins) did not follow APD protocol in that he did not exit his vehicle and made no attempt to identify the undercover employee," the affidavit says. "The undercover employee described Officer Rollins' demeanor as flirtatious."

In 2004, former police Lt. Paul Honeman -- a department spokesman at one time and a current candidate for mayor -- learned during a second investigation that Rollins had been maintaining an adulterous relationship while on duty, according to the court file. A report by Sgt. Ken McCoy, who led the criminal investigation of Rollins, explains that Honeman and Lt. Anthony Henry found out about the relationship through electronic tracking, aerial surveillance and federal agents and police officers trailing Rollins.

"Lt. Henry advised that during the undercover operation it was discovered that while on duty Officer Rollins was spending an inordinate amount of time at a residence in the area of Homer/Tudor Drive," McCoy's report says. "When this occurrence was further investigated it was discovered that Rollins was engaging in a consensual sexual relationship with a woman at this location. The woman was said to be a member of his church."

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OR - Should Oregon's sex offender registry be expanded?

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If it's expanded, it should be expanded to include ALL CRIMINALS!


We heard from a lot of you about a KATU On Your Side Investigation into Oregon's Sex Offender Registry. Some people want more information about Oregon's sex offenders made public; others believe too much is already available.

KATU Investigator Anna Canzano spoke with a Northwest couple with a story to share about their family member who was arrested for a sex crime, but they asked KATU to keep their identities secret. They're afraid their family member, who's currently in prison for a sex crime, could suffer the consequences of his relatives speaking out while behind bars.

The couple explains, "In our (family member's) case, there was no contact, not an individual victim of any sort. I think I would go so far to say we dealt with possession of child pornography."

It's a crime for which their relative will serve more than four years. He'll then be required to register as a sex offender for at least 25 years. This couple believes the current system of forcing all sex crime convicts to register is not only wrong, but ineffective in protecting children.

"There are the good guys and there are the bad guys, and once you're a bad guy, you're a totally bad guy and you're never going to change. The statistics don't bear it out, but the societal hysteria is built on that."

On the other end of the spectrum is Dan Meister, who owns a company that does background checks. Pacific Screening's clients including apartment communities, churches and kids sports teams.

Meister was surprised to learn Oregon's online registry doesn't include any first-time sex offenders, unless they're predatory or sexually violent and pose the highest risk of re-offending.

"I would like the public to have full access to whoever is a sex offender in Oregon. People have a right to know who they're living next to. They have a right to know is their coach a sex offender? I mean, take a look around. There's kids being abused all the time."
- No, they don't have a right to know who lives around them, besides, if this were true, then you'd know ALL the criminals who live around you, not just ex-sex offenders.

Meister's disappointed a law proposed by Oregon Rep. Kim Thatcher, which would have changed that, went nowhere. Thatcher herself seems open to some flexibility.

"There's a lot of people lumped in to being sex offenders, and I understand that, so let's look at the severity, but not exclude them just because they're a first-time offender," Thatcher said.

Still, the couple KATU interviewed believes any expansion of the registry is a mistake. They point to studies that say creating more barriers for sex offenders to work and find places to live actually makes our communities less safe.

"Desperate people are more likely to re-offend, that's the way it is."

A U.S. Department of Justice study showed 1 in 19 released sex offenders committed another sex crime -- a recidivism rate of five percent. That's the lowest among all other crimes except murder.

Oregon's database is made up of roughly 51 percent of high level offenders who committed sex crimes with a child under the age of 12 or forcible rape, sex abuse, or sodomy.

Another 39 percent had sex crime victims who were under 18.

Just 9 percent of registrants committed the lowest level of third-degree sex crimes.

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TX - Deputy (Eleazar Gongora) accused of sexually assaulting child

Eleazar Gongora
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A Harris County Sheriff's Deputy has been arrested and charged with continued sexual abuse of a child, a felony.

Deputy Eleazar Gongora was arrested Friday by sheriff’s deputies working with the Gulf Coast Violent Offenders Task Force.

The victim is a girl under the age of 15 who is in Gongora's family, investigators said.

Gongora was told to have no contact with her at home or school.

The investigation of the crimes was conducted by HCSO law enforcement officers.

Gongora was assigned to the Mental Health Unit in Harris County Jail. He joined the HCSO in March 2000. His employment status is under review as a result of the charges against him.

He was being held without bond and is scheduled to appear before a judge again on Monday.