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Mars Hill - Sexual Assault Discussion

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What if you know someone who's been assaulted? What are helpful and unhelpful things to do or say? Pray for them, be a good listener, and be trustworthy, says Grace. Remind them of God's love for them and his desire for healing and renewal and cleansing from all unrighteousness.

This clip is excerpted from the sermon "Disgrace and Grace," a deeply moving, pastoral look at the issue of sexual assault in light of the gospel. Part 7 of the Real Marriage sermon series, it's preached by Pastor Mark Driscoll out of a chapter written by his wife, Grace, about sexual assault that was committed against her years ago. This sermon was preached at Mars Hill Church West Seattle and released online February 26.

FL - Married sheriff's deputy (Roosevelt Givens) 'had sex with girl for five-year period starting when she was just 13'

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And what do you know, another sex crime by a cop in Florida. If this wasn't a cop, the government would step in any way, in most cases, but he's a cop, so they do nothing about it.


But victim refuses to press charges

A former sheriff's deputy accused of having sex for years with a youngster he met outside a family fun center will not face criminal charges, say authorities - because the victim won't participate.

Roosevelt Givens resigned from his position with the Florida Hillsborough County Sheriff's department in January while accused of sexual relations with the then 13-year-old over a five-year period.

Givens, a married man with three children, admitted to having a 'fling' with the now-adult woman, who hasn't been identified, but claimed it started after she turned 18 last May.

'We believe, and we have evidence, that you two actually began a physical relationship before she was 18,' Cpl Wayne Bunton of the Internal Affairs bureau pressured Givens last November, according to the Tampa Bay Times.

According to the woman's own words, the two first met when he was in his early 30s and her just 13 while she stood waiting for a ride home outside a Skateworld in Tampa.

Giving her a ride in his patrol car after dark, the two exchanged phone numbers and days later they met in a hotel room for sex according to the woman.

Over the next five years, she said, they had sex about a dozen times.

In some cases, money was given to the then-teenager by the deputy which she claims was just a gift.

Detectives argue it was for sex.

Givens says his outside relations aren't something he's proud of - especially as this isn't the only woman he admits meeting in the same hotel - but denies having committed a crime.

Among the evidence used against him were several hotel receipts both Givens and the woman admitted to visiting together.

Many of them were dated for the summer of 2011 after she turned 18 in May, but one was from April.

'The evidence is there,' Cpl Bunton told him in their interview. 'It's time to say, 'Okay, hold on. This is what happened and why.'

Speaking with detectives in October, the woman declared it as her own decision to sleep with whomever she wanted, no matter her age.

Since turning 18 she has taken on roles as an actress in the porn industry, according to the Tribune, and considers Givens today as a friend.

'This makes all law enforcement look bad, and that totally defeats the purpose of law enforcement,' Detective Benjamin Coddington responded to her belief, according to the Tribune.

'We're here to protect and to serve — to help people,' he said.

Investigators accused Givens of committing two felonies of unlawful sex with a minor and lewd and lascivious acts on a minor.

They'd also like him charged with a misdemeanor for paying for sex as the woman claimed to have received a few thousand dollars from Givens over their five-year relations.

In one text message between the pair obtained by detectives, the woman asked Givens for $100.

Givens tells her to come get it which she replies: 'Send it to me ... and I'll make it worth it and free wen [sic] I come bak [sic].'

Criminal charges have not been filed by the State Attorney's Office, despite a request for consideration by investigators.

With the woman no longer participating, 'there is no other admissible evidence to support the charge,' according to a letter of release obtained by the Tribune.

Givens is still married saying he's working through his issues with his wife, while not believing he committed any crime.

'I was a great cop,' he said according to the Tampa Bay Times, lamenting the loss of his job.

Scorched Earth

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This is an excellent read from someone who apparently doesn't have anything to do with the sex offender registry. Click the above link to read the entire article, or the link at the end.


By Maggie McNeill

"He who is the author of a war lets loose the whole contagion of hell and opens a vein that bleeds a nation to death." - Thomas Paine

The 21st century American view of sex is warped beyond that of any other historical culture. The official and popular paradigm appears to be based on the belief that sex is such a horrible, monstrous abomination that the mere mention of it to an adult can constitute “violence, that participating in it for taboo reasons can be a “crime”, and that if a person is exposed to sexual contact, conversation or imagery (observing, creating or modeling for) even one minute before midnight on her 18th birthday she will be instantly and irreversibly ruined beyond any hope of redemption. Unwanted but non-violent sexual contact is portrayed as equivalent to murder or mayhem, and looking at a picture of a nude person younger than the sacred Moment of Shazam is worse than some forms of murder, even if the “victim” is already grown up, dead or unaware the picture exists, or if the models are only pretending to be underage or (in the case of drawings) aren’t even real.

Given this sick, obsessive paranoia over a simple biological function, it’s really not surprising that America has declared total war on it. And I don’t just mean a regular war, either; this is a win-at-any-cost, scorched-earth, throw-babies-to-Moloch, morals-and-honor-be-damned Götterdämmerung. The “authorities” are willing to sacrifice civil rights, legal precedents, our kids’ health and happiness and even decency and common sense to “win” it…and it shows. Its clearest illustration is the “sex offender registry”; those who are condemned to it face ostracism, exile, unemployment, harassment and sometimes risk of assault or murder usually for the rest of their lives, for horrible “crimes” such as prostitution, getting their girlfriends angry, having sex while teenaged or drunken bladder relief within sight of a cop. No other crime which doesn’t end in corpses earns a lifetime of punishment for a single action, and no other offense of any kind results in such a disproportionate and cruel sentence. But when sex is involved, logic and proportion are disposable, as is the law itself:

Corey Hipscher…was accused of fondling…[three] young girls…[whom he] had taken…on boat rides [at a Florida water park where he worked], pulling them behind him on a flotation device, the girls and other witnesses testified during trials in August and November 2011. Hipscher’s lawyers argued that the girls misinterpreted innocent contact. [He was tried and acquitted twice]…for those who may not appreciate it, obtaining an acquittal against accusations of this nature are notoriously difficult, as the natural inclination to believe and protect children tends to overcome all other evidence. To prevail twice in such cases is, well, quite extraordinary…[Broward Circuit Judge Martin] Bidwill was unimpressed, finding that Hipscher committed a new crime while on probation for an old one. And while he legally could not impose the life sentence Hipscher would have received had he been convicted of child molestation, Bidwill gave the defendant the stiffest sentence he could…15 years imprisonment, based solely on the same evidence for which had been acquitted…

Hipscher was on probation for a 2002 conviction, having nothing to do with children…[he] was accused of sexual battery on his then-girlfriend [and]…told Bidwill the whole case was a lover’s quarrel, and [that] his girlfriend [had filed] charges against him so she could qualify as a victim for a program that would pay for her relocation to Illinois. Nonetheless, this conviction put him on the sex offender registry, which included a condition that he stay away from children. Worse still, he had two prior “technical” violations, neither involving the commission of a new crime, for which he had served under a year each. But this time…prosecutors turned to the probation violation after losing both criminal cases. “We pursued all avenues to get prison time for this defendant,” said Broward prosecutor Maryanne Braun. ”We absolutely believe those girls who said he molested them, and the court believed them as well.” The only people who didn’t buy guilt were the people sitting on the jury. And who cares what they think where the prosecution and court face a defendant…they’ve decided needs to go down…guilty or innocent, he never had a chance. The only question was how he would be burned, not whether. His fate was sealed.

When the acquitted defendant gets 15 years for the crime, we lose faith. We lose hope. We see a system that cannot be trusted, a judge and prosecutor who have spit at the jury, telling them they couldn’t care less that he was acquitted…No doubt the prosecution was sure of Hipscher’s guilt, but…there is almost always a cavalier certainty by prosecutors that they somehow know deeper truths than ordinary people. But there is a judge…whose job it is to prevent the system from falling into clutches of the prosecution and being reduced to no more than a tool to convict…

GA - Bill would bar sex offenders from driving buses in Georgia

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Sex offenders would be banned from driving school and passenger buses under a bill passed by Georgia's House of Representatives.

The proposal sponsored by Republican Rep. Paul Battles of Cartersville passed Monday by a vote of 157-4.

It would prevent state transportation officials from issuing a license to drive school or passenger buses to anyone who must register as a sex offender for an offense that happens starting July 1.

Any sex offender caught illegally driving a passenger bus without the required license would face a maximum two-year prison sentence and a $5,000 fine.

The bill now heads to the state Senate.

Children & Families Speak Out

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CA - Little-Known Commission Revokes California Teachers for Reported Alleged Child Crimes

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Have you ever attended sex offender therapy? If so, what is your experience?

NOTE: Do not use any real names, just your experience.

Have you ever had to attend a sexual offender treatment program? If so, what do you think about it? Do you feel like it helped, hurt, was a waste of time, or what?

  • Did you have to have polygraphs? If so, please explain.
  • Did you have to complete the Abel, Static 99, or any other tests? If so, please explain.
  • Did you have group therapy? If so, please explain.
  • Did you have individual therapy? If so, please explain.
  • What types of fees did you have to pay?
  • Was the therapy mandatory or voluntary?

We are just wanting to see how others have experienced therapy, if they believe it helped, hurt, waste of time, etc, and so that others, ex-sex offenders and the general public, can read about your experience with therapy.

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