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Talking To Children About Physical Or Sexual Abuse

Our comments on the video:
About 90% or more of all sexual crimes are committed by someone the victim knows, like a mother, father, brother, sister, cousin, etc. So what about those situations? By the way, this is all good advice, and I think educating kids, and parents, is REAL IMPORTANT to stopping and preventing sexual abuse. But like we said, most offenders are known by the person, not some stranger.

IN - Motel home to city’s largest sex offender cluster

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And now, because of the vigilante media, I'm sure the mob will come out in force and force these people from their only home, which was probably the goal in the first place.


By Alex Campbell

Sean James Haley knocks on the motel room door at a little past 11 o’clock on a Monday night.

How we doing, guys?

Then Haley steps inside and notices a stranger in the room. His tone quickly changes.

What’s going on? What have you got in here? When did you come in? What is this?

It might seem odd for a motel manager to knock on doors and pepper his guests with such questions. But the back building at the King’s Inn has its own set of rules, because the back building at the King’s Inn has its own set of guests. Guests who aren’t allowed in the front two buildings. Guests who can’t bring visitors to the back without Haley’s approval.

Sex offenders.

The King’s Inn, a $29-to-$39-a-night motel on the Eastside, serves as a last resort for sex offenders on parole who otherwise have nowhere else to go. Under a program called DOC Assist, the Department of Corrections pays rent for the offenders for a few weeks or months, theoretically until they can support themselves.

The result is that the King’s Inn is home to the largest concentration of sex offenders in Marion County — outside of the jail.

According to the county’s online registry — which an Indianapolis Star review has found to be out of date in a number of places — 61 registered sex offenders call the King’s Inn their home.

Haley says the actual number fluctuates, but is generally about 30.

The King’s Inn might be the largest concentration, but it’s far from the only one.

The Star’s analysis of the registry — based on records culled from a single day in January — found that there are at least 17 city blocks in Indianapolis where five or more sex offenders live. At least seven specific addresses have 10 or more offenders listed as living there.

Handfuls of offenders live in smaller apartment buildings, such as one two-story complex on the southeastside with a sign outside that reads “ADULTS ONLY.” But the more offenders that live in one spot, the likelier the address is to be a halfway house, cheap motel or downtown high-rise.

The address with the second-most listed offenders is a tall brick apartment building on 13th and North Meridian Street. The third most are listed at Brandon Hall, a 24-hour supervision work-release home at 611 N Capitol Ave.

Clustering,” as it is called, is a national phenomenon that experts say is an “unintended consequence” of state laws that limit where offenders can live.
- This is what you get when politicians let emotions get in the way, they don't think, and people suffer for it.

Indiana’s version, Zachary’s Law, went into effect in 1994 and has been amended a number of times since. It prevents registered “offenders against children” from living within 1,000 feet of a school, youth program center or public park.
- I don't know the law in Indiana, but I'm sure it's not just "offenders against children," but all offenders.

Parole restrictions go much further, with blanket provisions for all parolees released from prison for a sex offense. The stipulations rule out any registered sex offender living within 1,000 feet of “public swimming pools, public beaches, theaters, or any other place where children can reasonably be expected to congregate” — regardless of whether the offender’s conviction had to do with children.

PA - Adam Skweres, Pittsburgh Police Officer, Allegedly Solicited Sex From Women In Legal Trouble

Adam Skweres
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Law authorities in Pittsburgh are searching for more possible victims of a police officer arrested Thursday on allegations he offered to help a number of women and their acquaintances out of legal binds in exchange for sexual favors, the Pittsburgh Post Gazette reports.

Officer Adam Skweres, 34, remains in jail this morning on charges of bribery, coercion, official oppression, indecent assault and other crimes stemming from three alleged incidents, the earliest of which dates back to 2008. Skweres' bail has been set at $300,000.

According to the Post-Gazette, in exchange for sexual services, Skweres allegedly offered the women favors such as writing positive letters of recommendation to family services organizations, throwing out parking tickets, and failing to cite involvement in traffic accidents.

Shortly after his arrest Thursday, a fourth woman told federal investigators that Skweres sexually assaulted her, an accusation that has led prosecutors to pursue criminal charges against him.

Skweres, an officer of five years who earned $57,000 last year, remains on the force but has been suspended without pay, the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review reports.

In another criminal complaint, Sweres was quoted as telling the woman that "It doesn’t have to be sex. We can do other things," CBS Pittsburgh reported.

He added, "If you go to jail, you know what they are going to do to you there. It's not going to be as bad as what I do to you."

Authorities are continuing to investigate the case and urge any woman who may have been targeted by Skweres to call police or the Office of Municipal Investigations at 412-255-2804.

In addition, anyone with information about the case can Pittsburgh Bureau of Police Sex Assault Unit at (412) 323-7141 or the Office of Municipal Investigations.

Wanting info on C.P. arrests of young 16-20 yr old arrests

The following was sent to us via the contact form and posted with permission.

By JC:
My son was arrested for downloading child pornography - he tells me there are many kids out there passing this stuff around clueless to the consequences and if they were all to be arrested they alone would fill up a prison. I am trying to find out if indeed arrests are up in this age range 20 years and younger but don't know how to research this information. I did find two cases in Maricopa County in December where a 20 and 17 yr old were arrested. If that is any indication of a trend I don't know but I would like to make it my goal to educate and inform the public and mainly young internet users of this peril as my son tells me if he'd known, he would have stayed away as it was not gratification purposes why he got involved but rather the shock factor as in 'Hey, dude check this out.' I fear for the future of our youth and country if they are indeed rounding up these misguided youngsters and throwing their lives away as my sons is being. I tell anyone who will listen about my son's situation and tell them - talk to your kids - they don't need to dig around for C.P. it will come to them and it's not a game. Any help will be appreciated as sadly numbers talk and maybe people will listen. I appreciate your site, the wealth of information you provide and all the hard work you obviously put in.