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FL - Sexual Abuse Victims Advocates Walk for Awareness, Changes to Laws

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As if the laws are not strict enough, professional victim Lauren Book is at it again, and I'm sure her Daddy (Ron Book) is behind it.


By Anna Laura Rehwinkel

A young woman who was abused by her family’s nanny for six years will begin a fifteen hundred mile walk across Florida to bring awareness to what she says are needed changes to the law. As Mike Vasilinda tells us, one of the changes being sought is tough financial penalties for public or private universities, like Penn State, which failed to report suspected abuse.
- How many of these miles will she ride in a vehicle?  Probably most of it.  And just more of the usual knee-jerk reactions for personal gain, IMO.

There are questions being raised over whether the Child Abuse Hot line in Florida would accept a call alleging Penn State University type of abuse at a Florida school. Experts say since the perpetrator isn’t a primary care giver, such calls might be referred to local police, depending on how much information is provided by the caller.

You don’t want to make a person getting assistance to have to make more than one phone call,” Jennifer Dritt with the Florida Council Against Sexual Violence said. “That’s just not helpful practice.”

Lauren Book was abused by her family’s nanny for six years. On Saturday, she will begin her third walk of healing, traveling 1500 miles over 39 days. She is quick to point out research shows most children are ill-trained to know who to fear.
- No way in hell can somebody walk this many miles in 39 days.

A stranger is somebody with a knife, a gun, who is robbing them; with a mask one, who is dirty and will hurt them,” Book said. “The reality is, we all know, 90 percent of the time children are abused by someone they know.”

Two bills have been filed in the legislature. Both would penalize public or private universities a million dollars for failing to report the kind of abuse alleged at Penn State by an assistant football coach.
- Why not push for educating kids and adults on sexual abuse, instead of feel good laws that won't protect anyone, or prevent crime?

That’s a hammer,” Lauren’s father Ron Book said. “That sends a message that we’re not going to let a Penn State, s Syracuse, a Citadel circumstance happen here.”
- I knew he would raise his ugly head!  I wonder if he knows about all the perverted cops in Florida who have been abusing children?

There are an estimated 39 million survivors of sexual abuse.

TX - Killeen cop Kirt Yarbrough arrested for sexually assaulting 16-year-old

Kirt Yarbrough
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By Mitch Traynor

KILLEEN – A Killeen police officer was arrested Thursday and charged with sexually assaulting a 16-year-old girl.

Officer Kirt Yarbrough Sr. was put on leave on January 4, a day after the sex attack was reported to police. He was released from jail after posting a $100,000 bond.

The 16-year-old victim was a member of the Killeen Police Explorer Program. Yarbrough served as one of the group’s leaders.

The Explorer Program is a subsidiary of the Boy Scouts of America. That program has now been suspended.

The badge of a Police Officer is a symbol of the public’s faith and trust. Any criminal act involving police officers dishonors this symbol and violates the trust the community places in them. The Killeen Police Department works diligently to provide the best police services possible and to build trust with the community,” said Killeen Police Chief Dennis Baldwin.

This allegation, as dreadful as it is, should not be considered a reflection of the true commitment and dedication the men and women of KPD have toward this community.”

PA - Boscola bill would tighten rules for sex offenders

Lisa Boscola
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State senator Lisa Boscola (D- Northampton/Lehigh/Monroe) introduced a bill Monday that would restrict residencies for convicted sex offenders.

Boscola's bill would limit how close registered sex offenders can live to schools, day care centers, recreation centers (1,000 feet) and school bus stops (500 feet).

The bill would also require schools to consult the 'Megan's Law' registry each year before deciding where to locate school bus stops. If a school learns that an offender already lives within 500 feet of a bus stop, they would be required to notify police and the parents whose children use that stop.

The legislation is part of a Democratic legislative package aimed at strengthening laws to protect children in the wake of the Penn State sex crimes scandal.
- Yeah, the typical knee-jerk reaction by a politician to make a name for themselves.

TX - New Rules for Sex Offenders

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By Demetria McClenton

Law enforcement is cracking down on sex offenders.

Newly-enacted laws have changed where offenders can live and some say it’s causing even bigger problems.

Sex offenders can't live within 2000 feet of a school, daycare, or any facility that entertains children.

So their housing options are limited anywhere, but even more so in a city like Dothan.

In his more than a decade in law enforcement, Assistant Houston County Jail Commander James Brazier has seen his share of sex offenders.

"We're looking at about 200, but in the state of Alabama you're looking at 13,000," said Brazier.

That's 13,000 convicted sex offenders and several more that aren't registered.

I have deputies that go out and check the residence and do periodic checks on our sex offenders,” said Brazier.

Those checks are necessary.

In Birmingham, cluster laws prohibit convicted sex offenders from living together or in a close proximity.

The reason… Experts say the housing arrangement attracts crime.

"We have people calling here saying we have 2 or 3 people living in the same place, well it's approvable as long as they're outside the 2,000 foot range," said Brazier.

Part of the new law states a convicted sex offender can now live with a minor, as long as it meets certain criteria.

"That law adds siblings and step-siblings, so it would be easier for a sex offender to find a place to live."

Having a conviction is tough enough, but public scrutiny is sometimes worse.

"Once you hear the word sex offender everybody automatically thinks someone messing with a child, but it doesn't necessarily mean that," said Brazier.

Other changes to the law...include if anyone is caught trying to help a sex offender evade police that person can be charged with harboring.

And the consequences are severe… a Class C felony.

Brazier says if you suspect someone is a sex offender contact your local law enforcement agency.

Houston County Sheriff's officials will attend a workshop next week on how to prosecute and monitor sex offenders.

VA - Hopewell police officer (Mark D. Baggett) charged with sex crime

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A Hopewell police officer was arrested yesterday and charged with a felony sex crime.

Police say Mark D. Baggett, 34, of the 500 block of MacArthur Avenue, Colonial Heights, turned himself in around 3:30 p.m. and also resigned.

The arrest comes after the Hopewell Police Department requested that the Virginia State Police investigate a sexual assault allegation involving Baggett. Police say the sexual assault occurred Oct. 13, in the 4000 block of Old Iron Court in Hopewell, involving a 38-year-old female.

"The Hopewell Police Department immediately responded and conducted a preliminary investigation into this criminal allegation involving one of its officers," said Hopewell Police Chief John Keohane. "This is a very serious crime and will not be tolerated in our department as such actions degrade the public's trust of its officers who are sworn to uphold the law."

Baggett was charged with one felony count of forcible sodomy. He is currently held without bail pending his arraignment in Hopewell General District Court on Tuesday.

Baggett has been employed with the Hopewell Police Department since 2008.

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