Tuesday, December 11, 2012

WV - Former Princeton police officer (Christopher Winkler) sentenced to five years probation on solicitation of bribery charge, charged in 2011 with attempted sexual abuse of a minor

Christopher Winkler
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PRINCETON - Former Princeton Police Officer Christopher Winkler, 27, of Princeton, was sentenced this morning to five years probation with an additional six months of home confinement on a solicitation of bribery charge.

Winkler previously entered a plea agreement that drops a charge of attempted sexual abuse by a custodian or guardian charges against him. He was sentenced on the bribery charge by Mercer County Circuit Court Judge Omar Abhoulhosn.

Winkler was charged in March 2011 with attempted sexual abuse of a minor by a custodian or guardian and solicitation of bribery.

The charges were filed after an incident that occurred March 1, 2011 in a parking lot near the intersection of Route 20 and Route 104 in the Princeton city limits. In a criminal complaint filed by the West Virginia State Police, Winkler allegedly “attempted to negotiate sexual favors” from a 17-year-old male subject.
- If the age of consent in West Virginia is 16, then how is 17 being a minor?

For more details on the sentencing hearing see Tuesday’s edition of the Daily Telegraph.

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