Wednesday, December 12, 2012

UK - Study: 13-Year-Old Children Regularly Exchange Nude Photos on Cell Phones

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And with the sex offender hysteria, how many of these kids will be ruined for life by being forced to wear the "sex offender" label?


By Michael Allen

According to a new study by Professor Andy Phippen of the Plymouth University, boys and girls as young as 13 often swap sexually explicit pictures of themselves.

Phippen told Channel 4 News in the UK: "This is mainstream; this is normal. This is almost mundane for some of the people we spoke to. In pretty much every school in the country, people aged 13 and 14 are talking about this stuff and dealing with this stuff."

The study, which was based on 220 students, ages 13 and 14, found they were becoming sexualized earlier, because pornography was so easy to find online.

One girl told researchers: "I get asked for naked pictures at least two or three times a week."

A boy said: "You would have seen a girl’s breasts before you’ve seen their face."

Another boy added: "It might shock parents this is what kids get up to but it’s just everyday life. It’s natural, it’s all part of growing up."

A 14-year-old from Berkshire, England said she received messages asking her to reply with a smiley face if she wanted sex or another symbol if she wanted to perform a sex act on the sender.

A 15-year-old girl said that boys expected certain things of girls because they had become used to seeing it in online porn.

Another 15-year-old added: "They’re put under pressure to get these photos of girls, to have muscles, to look this certain way, to be able to like do all these positions and to be able to last the longest in bed."


Loneranger said...

This story is concerning teens in the UK however it's the same in the US. The difference is how it is handled. The risk that teens run here is much more extreme. Not that sending nude pictures back and forth in it's self is not risky. The laws we have put in place and the life long stigma attached to any kind of sex crime involving a minor have been intentionally written to be as vicious and punitive to the offender as possible. They ensnare as many as possible with no regard to the continued damage they cause. A life time of being excluded from employment opportunities as well as housing creates nothing more then taking a once productive individual and turning them into outcasts. This is reality. The fear that someone might re-offend has taken all common sense and tossed it out the window. At first the laws to track and punish sex offenders sounded like a good thing. No one really knew what the real consequences of placing a person on a list for the public to see would be. Now decades later they do. It's no longer something that might happen as in being un-hireable or excluded from housing or even killed it's a given. They even go as far as to make more laws to make sure someone doesn't have a chance to be productive and self sustaining. this is for life. With only remarks from people that have power like well they should have thought about it before they did the crime. Do teens think about anything before they do it? Not really as they have no idea just how beyond cruel the system is. A teen with a cellphone with a camera is a very dangerous thing. As far as destroying a life once the crime is committed and our over zealous legal system kicks in. its no different then caring a gun. We would not allow our children to carry guns as they can not be responsible not to harm themselves or someone else. Why do we allow them to have something that could in an instant destroy their life. Because we are so fearful of sex offenders and what they might do some time in the future if ever. We have created a system that must be enforced. We don't want our children to be any place close to a sex offender for their protection. However we give them something that has been proven to have the potential at any given time to make them a sex offender and ruin their entire life. How does this make sense? We have laws that say someone under 18 can not have a gun. they can not drive a car until they are 16 and in some states that is even 18. They can not drink until 21. they can not have sex until 18 as this might be harmful. However there are a few loopholes even with this as we can't arrest all of them. Or can we? Point is if it's a danger then a child should not be allowed to do it. Same with the internet, going into bars or being on the streets at 2 am, having a gun or a cellphone. these are things that place a child in harms way. But somehow somethings have been ignored as we try to take the potential harm out of the world. Not sure what should be done but if they want to save that one child's life they might think about how they are set up to ensnare and destroy entire lives with our laws. Time for a reality check. Are we going to continue to intentionally destroy thousands of lives with the over zealous approach of the sex offender label that intentionally destroys without regard. Or take a new path. If we don't then take away anything that might place your child in harms way as the potential to be labeled a sex offender for life is real.

deathklok said...

The easiest solution is don't buy your kid a camera phone or a webcam. Are these kids sending photos to friends at school or to kids they meet online? I imagine sending something like that to a classmate and having it go viral at school would be common. Kids are mean or impulsive like that. Therefore it's just a bad idea.
If they're sending sexts across state lines can they be federally charged with trafficking?