Saturday, December 1, 2012

NY - Workforce Advocacy Center, Inc.

About the Workforce Advocacy Center
Workforce Advocacy Center, Inc. is a not-for-profit corporation chartered and dedicated to eliminating discrimination in employment, education, and housing against individuals with arrest and conviction records. We work to ensure that people who have paid their debts to society are evaluated by their qualifications and not subjected to senseless bigotry.

WAC engages in public advocacy and outreach to increase public awareness of state and federal laws and regulations prohibiting unfair discrimination. WAC also works with employers and government agencies to help them develop and implement anti-discrimination policies; and conducts original scholarly research into the scope, scale, and effects of discrimination against people with criminal records. We are rapidly expanding and seeking members and supporters from the public and other advocacy groups.

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Bill said...

I use to work for a large Satellite pay TV provider. I was hired despite my 92 conviction. I was director of sales for Utah, Idaho & Nevada. In 96 I was told by the state of Utah that I had to register as a sex offender. I did not know what they were talking about. This requirement was not mentioned in any part of my plea deal. I was told that if I did not register I would begin doing time in prison. So I complied. Three months after being on the registry I was asked to resign. I was told the problem was the registry. I was told that I could apply for my own retailer contract. I was granted my own retail agreement and up to 2011 had been doing business in my field of choice. In 2011 my retail agreement was revoked because of an incident that did not even involve me. In 2010 a registrant who was also a satellite retailer was falsely accused of molesting a child. After the county prosecuter droped the case, because of blatant fabrication from the victim and many story changes, the parents filed suit against the Satellite pay TV provider and the retailer for millions of dollars. The large Satellite pay TV provider paid and untold sum in the millions to keep the story out of the press. Later millions were paid as settelment to keep it out of court. Once in court it would go public. I was told that I have a huge target on my back as long as I was on the registry. I was told by this company that I could risk my money and my freedom going into homes and installing equipmemt but that I was not going to risk millions of thier dollars. Knowing these facts I now know that no major company that does any business with the public can afford to higher any one on the registry. My company was in the tip 10 percent of retail sales in the country and I though I was so valuble that I would never have my agreement revoked. WOW was I wrong. I am now unemployed. My wife owns and runs the company. I sit home and try to find things to do and provide consulting services for her. I have my doubts that WAC can have any positive impact on the employability of those on the registry.

Redeemed1 said...

Sorry to hear what you have gone through Bill. I agree that we will not get a fair shake at things unless the list comes down. I can't count the number of times that I've had an employer tell me how impressive my resume is and then when I'm honest with them, I never hear another word. I also have to rely on my wife making the income, and keep searching for something that I could start and hopefully keep anonymous. I also doubt that this WAC will do much for anyone in our shoes.