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NH - Court says sex offender must report MySpace info

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The injustice system in this country is insane. You have Democrats fighting Republicans, the president fighting everybody who disagrees with him, federal government fighting state government, lower courts fighting higher courts, etc. We will fall, just like the Roman Empire! It's only a matter of time.


CONCORD (AP) — The New Hampshire Supreme Court ruled (PDF) Friday that a sex offender who failed to report the creation of a MySpace account can be prosecuted.

The court unanimously reversed a trial judge’s order dismissing the felony indictment against 40-year-old [name withheld] of Manchester. The trial court ruled that because [name withheld] created the MySpace account using his real name and an email address already on file, he had satisfied the state’s sex offender reporting requirements.
- Sounds to me like he did what he was suppose to do.  He registered his email addresses.  So does he have to register every single web site he visits now?  Sure sounds like it to me.  Next they will push Big Brother into the offenders home and require them to put spyware on their machines to monitor them.  This is like telling someone you have to register your home address, which they do, but then they go spend the night with someone, and is arrested the next day for not reporting that address.  This is basically the same, IMO.

But the Supreme Court ruled that creation of the social media account falls squarely within the statute’s requirement that convicted sex offenders must report any online identifiers and user profile information.

"Requiring a registered sex offender to report the creation of a MySpace profile or online profile promotes the investigatory purpose of the statute by providing law enforcement with the means to monitor and track the offender’s online activities," Justice Gary Hicks wrote. "Such a requirement also serves to discourage the use of social networking for predatory purposes because the offender knows he or she is under the watchful eye of law enforcement."

[name withheld] was convicted in 1994 of aggravated felonious sex assault on a child and related felonies. He was convicted in 2005 of indecent exposure and lewdness.

[name withheld]’s attorney, public defender Christopher Johnson, declined to comment on the ruling.

Assistant Attorney General Nicholas Cort, who argued the appeal for the state, said it’s the intent of the law and critical to law enforcement that sex offenders report the creation of social networking websites.

"The Internet is being used more and more to attract and eventually molest children," Cort said. "Any way sex offenders use it has to be carefully watched and prevented to the extent it’s constitutionally permissible."
- I am not sure I believe this 100%.  And if it was true, then this proves the online registry doesn't do what it's suppose to do, now does it?

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Loneranger said...

Well we need to know. do we? Information is power, Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely. We have become a nation of fear mongers and bullies. Taking protection of children to mean a license to offend anyway conceivable. We can state how this is history repeating it's self all we want. However the ones that do not study history are doomed to repeat. guess our politicians and judges failed this in school. Among other subjects as well. When judges and politicians continue to skirt constitutional protects for anyone they have failed everyone. Why do we allow this? Typically if someone is being bullied most will avoid getting involved as they don't want to be next. Has this kind of abuse of power become so out of hand that there is nothing we can do to stop it? Will the bullies of the world continue until history repeats? It took a world war to stop Hitler and his bullies. the US didn't want to get involved back then until December 7th 1941 and Hitler and the world had already been at war for several years before this. We just didn't want to get involved back then with this bully. Good thing things worked out the way they did. If Germany had gotten the bomb first it wouldn't have.

Hitler was no more then a politician. The same as the ones we have today in congress . He came to power using information. Mostly half truths if that and even a half truth equals a whole lye. The German people were his sheeple. Were am i going with this? Study history before we are taken down the same path. It starts with miss information to instill fear. Create a common enemy to unite the sheeple. Win their confidence and they will fallow you till the end of time. Any politician that uses this should be suspect as they could be the next Hitler. If you need to twist the truth to be elected what else are you capable of? If we really want to fear someone fear your politicians and judges that either have no idea what the constitution is about or are so deviate themselves they will create half truths and or blatant lye's to gain power. Remember it was one meaningless little step at a time that created Hitlers world. One meaningless lye told three times to become truth. Slowly stripping away constitutional protects by setting president. So the next time you hear it's for the children remember Hitler said the same thing.

Babachet said...

You know it's amazing people in our world don't see their rights stripped away little by little.
Take your rights then your money, then your life.... It's happening.