Saturday, December 15, 2012

MO - Former sheriff's detective (Scott Edwards) sentenced in sex abuse case

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By Jennifer Mann

ST. LOUIS - A former detective with the Lincoln County Sheriff's Department was sentenced Friday to ten years in federal prison for violating the constitutional rights of five women by sexually abusing them while they participated in a drug court program.

Scott Edwards, 50, of Troy, Mo., pleaded guilty in July to three felony counts and two misdemeanor counts in the case, which was brought in federal court in St. Louis.

Edwards had served as a "tracker" for the county's drug court until he resigned in December 2010.

While Edwards was on and off duty, he engaged in sexual acts with five female drug court participants, according to prosecutors. It resulted in bodily injury to some of the victims, and included aggravated sexual abuse and sexual contact.

A lawyer who represented the victims in drug court previously said Edwards would use drug court money to pay to have some of the women stay in hotels so he would have easier access to them, and that he threatened the women with jail time if they did not have sex with him.

The crimes occurred from February 2009 through November 2010, prosecutors said.

Four of the women have since sued Edwards and the county in federal court.

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