Sunday, December 16, 2012

IA - Teacher falsely accused of having sex with student

Video Description:
A real-life soap opera plays out in the public eye. Her picture-perfect life as an Iowa history teacher was shattered when she was falsely accused of having sex with a student. It destroyed her marriage, her friendships and nearly her career. She was found not guilty, but is paying a price.

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Loneranger said...

I suspect that this interview was only done because it is a titillating topic. However it does bring out the fact that children will lie. They have no concept of how devastating their words can be and are not held to any sort of accountability. this person's life has forever been changed. She was victimized and a system that is to protect our children used to destroy her unjustly. Now it's well hey to bad and good luck in the future? Once again shades of Hitlers Germany. As of late I have been making frequent comparisons to Hitler and how history repeats. In Hitlers Germany they used the children as a weapon. They did away with the Boy Scouts and made it Nazi Youth. they would reward the children with a dagger for turning in their parents. Have we gone the same route? Have we made it appear as some kind of reward system to turn in someone? To this boy he thought he would get revenge and power from doing this. No evidence needed just make an allegation and leave it up to the police to make the charge and try to make it stick.To often they cry wolf and get away with it. Problem is once the damage is done there is no way to repair it. So hey to bad and good luck in your future as you are going to need it.