Saturday, December 15, 2012

IA - Here we go again! A sick individual kills some kids, and the parents want all ex-sex offenders to pay for it?

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By Sharyn Jackson

Elizabeth Collins' younger sibling wanted to visited sister in heaven

When Callie Collins learned her big sister Elizabeth had died, the 4-year-old wanted to visit Elizabeth in heaven, the parents of the siblings said today during a news conference.

At first, she thought you go visit heaven,” said Heather Collins, the girls’ mother. “We explained, no, unless you die, you don’t go visit heaven.

So Callie talks to Elizabeth instead, Heather said. “She’ll look up to the sky and just talk.”

Heather and Drew Collins spoke to media before a celebration of life service for Elizabeth, who with her cousin, Lyric Cook-Morrissey, disappeared on July 13. The bodies of Elizabeth, then 8, and Lyric, then 10, were found last week in a secluded area of Seven Bridges Nature Area, a Bremer County park about 25 miles north of from where the girls went missing.

During the 20-minute press conference, the grieving parents discussed how they have handled the disappearance and death of their daughter; how they feel about today’s memorial; and what they will do next.

Since Elizabeth’s disappearance, her siblings have all been in counseling, Heather said. The couple’s 7-year-old daughter, Amber, draws angels. “They’re handling it the best they can,” Heather said.

The Life and Love Celebration today includes a visitation, followed by a service. “I’ve planned a lot of parties,” Heather said. “This is the most important one I’ve ever planned.” She said she started going through Elizabeth’s baby clothes and other memorabilia last week, things she had kept even though Drew told her it was “crazy.”

Looking at relics of Elizabeth’s life broke Heather’s heart, she said. “She’ll never have a chance to walk down the aisle. Never have a family of her own. It’s heartbreaking.”

The celebration will be in place of a funeral, Drew said, adding that the family will hold a private burial at a later date.

This would be the way she would want us to celebrate her life instead of any other way,” Drew said.

On Monday, the couple will head to Des Moines to meet with Gov. Terry Branstad to talk about reinstating the death penalty in Iowa, and to seek stricter punishments for sex offenders.
- I've looked around, but I do not see anything that says who killed this child, and if sex was involved.  This article says the father suspects a sex offender did it, but that is only his opinion and not the facts. It sounds to me like a murder, so why punish ex-sex offenders for murder?  That is like punishing all DUI offenders for someone murdering someone.

Drew Collins told reporters that if there had been a death penalty, perhaps Elizabeth and Lyric's killer would have let them go.

"You get life in prison if you kidnap someone and you get life in prison if you murder someone in Iowa,” Drew said. “There was no reason to let (Elizabeth and Lyric) live.”

The family has stated that they forgive Elizabeth’s killer, but they still want the perpetrator to face punishment.
- I think everybody would like whomever did this to face punishment, but wanting to punish ex-sex offenders just because you "suspect" a known sex offender did it, is absurd!

I can forgive someone and Heather can forgive someone but they still have to meet justice,” Drew Collins said. “One doesn’t have anything to do with the other. They have to be punished for what they’ve done.”

It’s just not fair that they can take a life and they can sit in prison and they can live the rest of their lives out and their families get to go see them. We don’t get to go visit our daughter. She’s gone.”


Loneranger said...

they feel they need to do something. Who better to lash out against then sex offenders. A slow moving easy target. One that has so many benefits for politicians to be tough on crime. So what else is new. Thing is once they push to have all sex offenders executed it will not protect one child. Even if they were to kill every single sex offender they know of they still will not have executed the person that will kill the next child. They will not have prevented the next abuse of a child. they won't even make someone think about what they are going to do and not do it. They have proven that making over reaching laws to protect children from repeat offenders doesn't work. So when something happens the first thought is this must have been a sex offender. Death to them all as nothing else works. they have already killed the life of a sex offender with all the laws they already have so the next thing would be to really kill them. Sorry if that sounds nuts but it really is nuts to allow them to continue to assume and then legislate accordingly. When will they finally understand that it's not repeat offenders that are the problem it's the one's in their own homes and circle of friends that poss the greatest risk by far. Isolated cases that may or may not involve a sex offender should not be used to create blanket laws that are one judge away from being ruled unconstitutional to satisfy a grieving parent that can only suspect it was someone on the registry. If they know this just because they think it is true they should buy the next mega bucks ticket as they will stand a better chance of winning then being right as to assume this was a sex offender that did this. IMO

Randy said...

It almost sounds like using sex offenders as a scapgoat to possibly cover up the truth of who really did it.

Steven Atkinson said...

of course using sex offenders is a scapegoat, they don't know what really happened so lets just blame someone they already to hate who says it was not the father or another family member, mmmmmmm

deathklok said...

I'm on the fence here. I've been best friends with Drew's older brother for 45yrs. and our parents are still close friends. I know that drew is a good christian from hearing stories of the kind unselfish deeds he performs around his community. He and Heather have been through overwhelming trials this year. They've kept their unrelenting faith through it all. I admire their strength and could not imagine being in that position and not doing something to try to prevent this from happening to another family.

Right now I feel the ever present vulture politicians with agendas are swooping in to exploit this tragedy.for self promotion. Capitalizing while these parents are still trying to make sense of what has happened to their little girl. They're vulnerable right now. Unfortunately this may likely result in more unreasonable legislation with unforeseeable consequences against people that had nothing to do with this or any such horrific tragedy.