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IA - Face recognition could be next tool in efforts to track sex offenders

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DES MOINES — Each of the more than 5,600 registered sex offenders in Iowa could soon have their photos digitized and saved to a database that law enforcement officials could then match to everything from security camera images to Facebook photos with a few mouse clicks.

The Iowa Department of Public Safety is in the middle of a program to equip every Iowa sheriff’s department with an electronic signature pad, laptop computer and digital camera that can support the high-resolution data to feed through facial recognition software.

Biometrics is really coming up to play a big part in law enforcement and investigations and things like that,” said Terry Cowman, special agent in charge of the state’s sex offender registry program.

What’s interesting about facial rec is it is kind of the future of where we’re at.”

He has about $110,000 to pay for the hardware through a federal grant. Now he’s seeking another $180,000 to pay for the software and training that would allow the state to digitize roughly 10,000 photos, but he won’t receive word on the grant until spring.

Still, the move to digitize and analyze faces of sex offenders has some concerned about what comes next.

You always start with sex offenders because nobody is going to stick up for sex offenders,” said Rep. Chip Baltimore, R-Boone, a lawyer who chairs the House Judiciary committee. “The question is where it goes from there.”
- So this idiot, who is one of those who are running this country, is admitting this?  Well, we all knew this is how they feel, but he's admitting it.  If he's willing to do this to one group, I'm sure he'll be more than happy to eliminate the rights of other groups as well, as long as it doesn't affect himself of course.


This is what it's becoming!
Facial recognition software is a key part of the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s $1 billion Next Generation Identification program and the reason Facebook can suggest a photo ID on a mobile phone upload.

More than a decade ago, the city of Tampa, Fla., piloted a facial recognition system that scanned faces of people in crowds and compared them to photos of criminals in their database. The program ran for about two years and was scrapped in 2003.

Sex offenders don’t have the same rights as other people because they already have been convicted of a crime,” said Ben Stone, executive director of the Iowa branch of the American Civil Liberties Union.
- So what about all the other criminals who have also been convicted of a crime?  And it appears the people who are suppose to be standing up for the rights of people, the ACLU, isn't!

Dealing with convicts makes it easier for government to get around civil liberties concerns than if it, say, wanted to run a recognition scan on everyone who had their picture taken for a driver’s license or other form of state photo identification, Stone said.
- Oh, it's coming.  Eventually everybody will be scanned and have their DNA taken from birth.  Wait and see.

Chris Sumner, co-founder and secretary of the U.K.-based Online Privacy Foundation, focuses most of his work on the type of data people voluntarily share online through applications such as Facebook and Twitter and how that data is repackaged and sold.

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Loneranger said...

Same old line they always use. Sex offenders don't have rights. Hey yes they do but just like in Hitlers Germany the Gestapo tells the politically correct sounding lie enough time people believe it. Hitler also arranged for sex offenders constitutional rights to be striped away. One lie at a time. One precedent setting law at a time. Does anyone else see this? The logic behind this guy is that sex offenders privacy is already compromised due to precedence established by unconstitutional laws. So it's ok to continue to use this loophole? People it's time to close this loophole. No mater how feel good these laws have been there is a price to be paid. the price will be each and every Americans protections under the already compromised constitution. You might not like the idea of standing up for a sex offenders rights however if you don't you have freely given up your own. Remember Hitlers Germany was not built in a day.

deathklok said...

“Sex offenders don’t have the same rights as other people because they already have been convicted of a crime,” said Ben Stone, executive director of the Iowa branch of the American Civil Liberties Union.

This is a very disturbing statement. It sounds like this guy is in the wrong line of work.

The way this article is written i can see how Mike Wiser might have been taking quotes out of context in order to make it sound like Ben Stone and Chip Baltimore are endorsing this program, But they never really do. You can easily take those quotes and turn them around.

I feel guilty for having had my children swabbed for DNA back in the late nineties. It was at a parking lot event where they had all the local emergency services set up like an open house. I'm pretty sure it was NCMEC that was promoting the DNA swab to help locate my children if they go missing or something of that nature. I think of all the conspiracies you hear about these kind of things. Like... if they have to identify your body from your dental records, how did they know who your dentist was? To be certain they'll start the facial recognition program on RSO's, but before long it'll spread to everyone who walks through the door of the local law enforcement agency and probably your kids school pictures after that. They'll probably even have aps built into every cell phone in a couple years so we can all help build the national database.

Babachet said...

I just got off the phone w chip. He said he had no idea about the money or where it came from he was kind of learning about it on the phone w me as he read it cause I asked him. He said the reporter just kind of came up and started talking to him out of no where. He is aware of the issues w the sex offender laws. He is a legislator who is a DEFENSE ATTOURNY! So he has been around the block with all of it. Very smart guy he said things like this are not uncommon people find a few federal dollars and need a TON of state money and believe w the fed backing it will just happen at the state level, that's not the case.
So anyway a smart guy with a plan to not just pass everything that comes across his desk.l
Thanks for talking chip.