Friday, December 7, 2012

FL - Man Puts 'Sex Offender Residence' Sign on Front Yard

Not sure why he'd do this, it will only invite vigilantism, and we all know Florida is filled with vigilante idiots. Besides the usual scarlet letter the state is putting on him, he is also putting another one on top of that.


Loneranger said...

I wonder what this guy has said about sex offenders over the years. Now he is one. Not to say he ever did but until your the one on the list you really don't care. Once your there then it's a big deal. It's a very big deal as he points out it's for life. there are no three strikes and your out. No redemption over time. Only one strike and your life is over. Your life your wife's and your kids for that mater. This person feels the state is unfair. Maybe so but did he stand up and point this out before he had to register? I didn't speak up and then they came for me comes to mind. People take this as a warning as it could happen to you or someone close to you. These laws apply to everyone everywhere not just the ones hiding behind a bush in a trench coat. There is only the twisted letter of the law that is used daily to add more and more with no end in sight. I can not stress standing up and speaking out enough. But who has the wisdom to do so? Who will tell the emperor he has no clothes? No politician I know of. So yes it's unfair. It's cruel and unusual punishment. It's all the things that we as a civilized society say we are against. However until it's you who cares. said...

This brings to mind the story of the Georgia watermelon farmer who got made at the local college kids who were stealing mellons. He put up a sign that read One Of These Mellons has been POISONED.
The next morning the sign was changed to read TWO of these mellons have been poisoned.
So, what if the majority of the 750,000 persons on the registered (ex) sex offender lists put signs on other persons lawns under the cover of darkness that read A Sex Offender Live Here.
The country would

a) be in denial
b) be outraged
c) demand the Registration Laws be changed or abolished
d) all of the above