Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Facebook Said To Have Sexting App In The Works

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I can foresee more registered sex offenders coming next year. So are they going to allow children to use this? If so, then wouldn't that be promoting child porn?


By Adam Popescu

Guess who just might be the newest addition to the sexting community? Facebook. That's right, the nearly 9-year old company is growing up. Big time.

The house that Mark Zuckerberg built is reportedly set to launch a new standalone app aimed at competing with Snapchat, a disposable photo and video chat service best known for... well... sexting.

Technically, the service is about creating private, “self-destructible” picture and video messages that users can send and choose the amount of time that the photo will be available for viewing. After the allotted time, the content deletes itself from the sender’s and receiver’s phone, and from Snapchat's server. Like it never happened. You can imagine the appeal to those who want to send "cheeky" images.

Details for the release are still sketchy (Facebook's official response to ReadWrite's inquiry was: "We're not going to comment on rumor and speculation."). But we do know that Snapchat boasts a community that sends 50 million photos per day, and Facebook is likely betting its users, 1 billion people, who upload about 300 million photos a day, want to play. Although this app would a stand-alone product, operating like Facebook's Instagram app, the coming service would be able to draw from a huge user base.

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deathklok said...

Exhibitionists gullible enough to believe that they can take a (Naked) digital snapshot of themselves, send it to another human being, and believes that will disappear forever probably shouldn't qualify to own a digital camera to begin with.
BTW...This message will self-destruct in in ten seconds!