Tuesday, December 4, 2012

DC - HUMAN RIGHTS SUMMIT - A Message from Secretary Hillary Clinton

Yes Hillary, you are right, and the US is on the wrong side of history! The government continually denies people their rights, take ex-sex offenders for example!

Hillary Quote:

"Societies that deny their people these rights and freedoms, are on the wrong side of history. Their making the wrong bet."

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Loneranger said...

It's amazing how the US can say we are so concerned about human rights. We are treading on our own people daily in this area but can't stop trying to justify it and go on to condemn other countries to the point of going to war with them. If killing someone doesn't violate their human rights i don't know what else does. Brings to mind something that someone said once. We will bring Christianity to these heathens if we have to kill them. However I really don't think this is the incentive here. Our laws and law makers are out of control. Each time a new sex offender law is dreamed up and enacted someones human rights are denied. The total package of laws equals banishment from society. Denying basic constitutional protections,jobs housing and basic needs is the norm. It's called regulatory. Call it what you will. The end result is the same. Jobless,homeless and hopeless. Sex offender laws in the US are well crafted violations of human rights. However sex offenders are now the heathens. Where is the Christianity? Is the only option to kill them one law at a time?

When society singles out any group of people to shame, harass and out cast they are intentionally violating the human rights of the entire group. Before we can snatch the splinter from the eye of another country we need to remove the log from our own.