Friday, December 21, 2012

CT - As usual, a horrific shooting, and senator-elect Cathy Osten wants to punish ex-sex offenders instead of murderers?

Cathy Osten
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State Sen.-elect Cathy Osten plans to sponsor a bill modeled on Montville safety ordinances, and concerns heightened by Friday’s Newtown school massacre will increase the likelihood of its passage, she said.

Osten said she has agreed to continue the work of Sen. Edith Prague, D-Columbia, in creating “safety zones” designed to prevent interactions between registered sex offenders and senior citizens and children.
- So a person murders kids and you want to punish ex-sex offenders?  That makes no sense whatsoever!  Except if you are exploiting the issue to hopefully help yourself look better to the sheeple?  Do you really think "safety zones" are going to protect kids from a sick individual who is intent on committing a crime?

The Montville Town Council passed two ordinances — one governing children and the other covering senior citizens — in October. The council voted 4-2 on Dec. 10 to adopt amended versions of the ordinances.

Osten is taking Prague’s seat, having been endorsed by Prague shortly after her retirement announcement earlier this year and defeating Republican Chris Coutu at the polls in November.

I do think it’s very important to make our most vulnerable populations as safe as possible,” Osten, who is also Sprague’s first selectman, said Monday. “I really want to get started. After Friday, safety has become the No. 1 issue.”

A similar bill passed the state Senate last year but was not acted upon by the House of Representatives. Prague said she has asked the clerk of the Aging Committee, of which she is currently co-chair, to bring up the bill once the General Assembly is sworn in on Jan. 9. Prague said she plans to push the issue as a private citizen.

It’s an important issue,” she said Monday. “Just because I’m retiring doesn’t mean I’m going away.”


Steven Atkinson said...

stinks like bull s***t, that what it is

nathan rabalais said...

Last time I checked the guy went around killing kids and teachers at the elementry not once did he sexually abuse them this woman is a crackpot and needs to be educated

Loneranger said...

Interesting how they can try and put a spin on any tragedy. Right now safety is a concern when we realize we live with three hundred million people who are all different. The only true safe zone is your own home. Then only if your alone and then the possibility of suicide always exists. You can disrupt someone else's life by making some law to create a pretend safe zone free from all sex offenders but you will never be really safe as long as humans exist. The person that shot all these people was not a sex offender. He was a person set on committing a crime and did. We have laws that say you can not do this. Did it stop him? If we had a law that said it is illegal to own a gun 2000 feet from a school would it have stopped him? Laws are only ink on paper and subject to if someone wants to follow what it says. If we think labeling and tracking people makes us safer we need to label and track everyone. Know who has a gun. Know who knows someone with a gun as they might get the gun and do something. We know that is impossible and unworkable because if someone is going to commit a crime they will find away. We have focused on sex offenders for so long that they have become the be all end all to safety issues. Millions of dollars have been spent tracking ex offenders that have the lowest re offence rate of any criminal besides murderers. Well maybe if they had not spent so much doing nothing they could have protected people better then they have. The politicians that promote useless laws to promote themselves should be held accountable for the failure and cost of such laws. They divert money that could have been spent really protecting people for a personal gain. Be it a political advantage to get votes or divert tax dollars to fund worthless programs they are still responsible for the outcome. Maybe we need to track politicians. Keep the ones that make bad law out of parks and schools as they might talk to someone. What if we had spent the millions of tax dollars placing armed guards in the schools instead of tracking three quarters of a million ex offenders that are less likely to re offend then almost anyone else. Maybe these children would not be dead as they would have been protected.But in the end nothing is done and we see things like this happen over and over. Keep writing laws that take up what little time our police have. Keep them tracking ex offenders for life. Use up what tax dollars are available and divert attention and resources away from really protecting people and then when something happens use a failed approach to make more laws that divert even more tax dollars away. Perfect.

Randy said...

Ok...seems to me if an elderly RSO is shoved out of a facility due to this law, most likely could file a major lawsuit. Elderly abuse is illegal regardless of RSO status or a new law.

NJ45143112 said...

As horrific as the shootings were and the horror that the families must have felt and the sorrow that will pervade their lives for the foreseeable future, it is almost laughable to consider that non of the "registry" or "residency" laws did anything to protect these children.
It is even more laughable that this inbred hayseed of a woman should consider the enactment of more of the same laws to deter similar events in the future!
I can only guess that a formal education in logical thinking is not a prerequisite to political office in Connecticut. At least the capacity to do so should be a requirement. I think this woman fails on both counts...

deathklok said...

An armed psycho walks in to a school and kills a bunch of children. The fix: Throw a bunch of senior citizens out in the cold. This logic is astounding.
I think they should retrofit schools to match the castles of yore. Tall parapets, gunners at every corner, and draw bridges over moats loaded with teethy crocodiles and piranhas. Three foot thick walls reinforced with lead plating and 2" thick bulletproof glass windows. this might deter some of the psychos.

SOIssues said...

Sounds like a plan to me. :)

shiners said...

Obviously the law "DO NOT MURDER" doesn't mean anything anymore; so you need to enact less important but more numerous laws that will be broken along the way to your murdering spree.