Wednesday, December 19, 2012

CO - Jury finds Denver cop (Hector Paez) guilty of felony kidnapping, sex assault

Hector Paez
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By Jessica Fender

A jury has found Denver police officer Hector Paez, 33, guilty of felony kidnapping and rape related to a March 16, 2010 case in which he allegedly drove a female arrestee to a secluded spot and forced her to perform oral sex.

As the verdict was read, Paez grasped his head and said "I don't understand."

His wife collapsed into tears.

Paez's defense attorney Gary Lozow said he will appeal, hoping the higher court will "get it right."

Paez testified that the woman, whose criminal history includes drug use and a prostitution conviction, was concerned that her pimp may see her talking with a police officer and so needed to take her to a secret location to question her about her drug dealer — an assertion the woman denied in court.

During the lengthy trial, both jurors and the prosecution honed in on what Paez did with the information he received from the woman, if any.

Jurors asked whether Paez took notes of his interview or checked a criminal database for the names of people she allegedly identified as heroin suppliers.

Jurors began their deliberation on Monday.

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