Thursday, December 13, 2012

CA - Joe Pagliarulo - Interviewed the lawyer trying to get Halloween restrictions on registered sex offenders in California lifted.

Video Description:
10/27/2012 - Interviewed the lawyer trying to get Halloween restrictions on registered sex offenders in California lifted. At one point she compares sex offenders to Jews in Nazi Germany who were forced to wear yellow stars. Outrageous!


shiners said...

Just listened to the audio. As a Jew I find the comparison between sex offenders here and jews in nazi germany to be spot on. Jews were NOT considered innocent in Nazi Germany. They were blamed for all the problems of the country and were seen as criminals. They were stripped of all civil rights and the constitution was lifted just for them. Sure, other countries may have thought that the Jews in Nazi Germany were innocent; just like other countries see the treatment of sex offenders in America as being too severe and have decided not to create a registry because of what is demonstrated in America.

The radio show host had no intention of having a discussion; he was there to make himself look good to his audience for fear that he would be taken off the air should he have shown any compassion to sex offenders. And I am willing to bet this show was the first time he tried to defend Jews in any way.

SOIssues said...

Exactly. People these days, as soon as you bring up Nazi or Hitler, they immediately tune you out and disregard anything you have to say without even thinking about what you are saying.

There is a big similarity! The same comparison can be used towards blacks and others in the past.

See the following for more info:



kikipt said...

This man is so incredibly ignorant. Unfortunately he is typical! As if people have a choice to be on the registry OR complete their sentence? She is talking about people whose sentences have been completed. The registry is not an option, it is imposed by the judge.

And the comment about the Jews is absolutely accurate. homosexuals and people who were considered sexually deviant were actually the first to be rounded up. As a Jew I would be happy to talk to this moron about how little he understands about the Third Reich. I teach university courses on this topic and her comments are correct. And Jews should be outraged at this man's comments. His lack of basic logic is infuriating. Why do we permit such people to control our airwaves?

deathklok said...

what an obnoxious blowhard. How did he come up with the idea that a person who's been convicted of a crime gives up all their freedoms, civil and human rights for the rest of their life? That's completely ignorant, bigoted. and un-American.

Babachet said...

I called and talked to Miss Balluchi after I listened to this just after it was recorded and I mentioned to her the negative opinion people may have who disagree with her logic regarding the star of david. she said something to the effect of I'm goin to use the "scarlet letter" saying instead from now on.
And your right sir that radio host was only looking to make himself look good... He is an imbecile she was owning him and he cuts her off.. Very frusterating.

Loneranger said...

When Hitler came to power Germany was no different then the US is today. Unemployment was running rampant the nation was on it's lips and the people were looking for someone anyone to save them. Hitler didn't come to power over night. The regulation of sex criminals was used to set precedent and the ultimate annihilation of millions of people came about one step and one lie at a time. For some reason we as in the people of the US think we are different. We will not go down the same road as Hitler. We are different. How? We are doing the same exact things the German people were doing. They also thought because it was a law it must be ok. Or did they? Were they not sheeple that had no idea how corrupt their government had become. Remember it's the seemingly meaningless steps that take a country down the road to destruction. It might be labeling and controlling one group of people that really don't mater only to open the door. We have opened this door now and it maybe impossible to close. So do people take offence when similarities are pointed out? Sure they do. We are different? We can control how far this will go? I'm sure the people of Germany back in Hitlers time thought they were and could, only to find out things were not the way they were told. However they allowed and even encouraged the destruction of millions. Most had no idea what they had allowed to happen. However they also couldn't stop it even when they did figured it out. So when things are pointed out like placing a sign on someones home is much like the pink label Hitler used for sex criminals or the Star of David for the Jews i'm sure no one wants to admit we are going down the same path and will go down in history the same way. We are just as unaware as Germany was back in the days of Hitler. I guess the idea of studying history to avoid repeating it never comes to mind.

Babachet said...

Very few people have the idea of history u stated... It's a shame.

SOIssues said...