Thursday, November 15, 2012

WA - We Are Under Attack

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By Leslie Blanton

Being listed on the sex offender registry shouldn’t mean a death sentence, but that is tragically what it meant for my husband Gary Blanton.

Gary and another registrant were shot and killed by the same man who told police that he was going to keep on killing sex offenders until he was caught. This sick individual thought of himself as a hero and while that was devastatingly painful to hear in the wake of such a loss, what truly shocked me was how many people in our community supported this murderer for killing “these monsters.”

My husband was 28 years old. He was on the registry for an offense he committed as a juvenile and he was working hard at being a good husband and father to our two young boys. He was no monster, but a true monster did show up in our lives and took Gary from us forever.

I believe that the news media shares part of the blame for Gary’s murder. For too long they have allowed all persons required to register to be portrayed as “monsters.” The news media has fanned the flames of sex offender panic and the consequences can be deadly.

This “hate speech” against law abiding former offenders must stop. That’s why I am supporting USA FAIR in their effort to hold the media accountable for their reporting. People must learn that most sex offenders are not bad people, but good people who did a bad thing, paid their debt to society, and are now just trying to rebuild their lives and provide for their families.

Gary can’t do that for us anymore, but you can join me in working to see that other families don’t have to face the nightmare we are going through. Please DONATE whatever you can afford.

We are under attack. It’s time to fight back.


nathan rabalais said...

Leslie your husband will be very proud of you for all that your doing

anon said...

I just donated. You're on the right track. Lets overturn some of this awful laws and shut down the registries, or let low-level offenders off.