Thursday, November 15, 2012

WA - So why didn't the online shaming hit-list protect this child?

Because it never will! The registry is nothing more than an online shaming hit-list to further punish those who have served their time.


loneranger said...

A couple of questions. One if the case was dismissed why is he a level one sex offender? Sounds like he wasn't if the case was dismissed. So where does this come from? Just sounds good? Next question would be. If she is mentally challenged why was she not being supervised better then she was? Just makes me wonder if again this is pumped up and slanted to sound as bad as possible. Take care of your children at all times as sex offender or not it could have ended much worse as he was a stranger to her and she left with him. Teen girls often meet guys at places like this. Not unusual and if she had not been a detectives daughter and mentally challenged no one would have done a thing as people meet and then leave these places together. So what is to be done? Sex offenders can't go bowling? Or maybe make it a felony for a sex offender to have a bowling ball? I know I sounds like I'm taking shots at this girl and her father. I'm not just at the media. How much of this was hype and how much was the girl was in danger and they got her home. If they couldn't have woven in the sex offender designation that still is a mystery as no conviction stated, this would have been a girl was taken from the bowling alley by a black man because that is all they would have and how would that sound?

SOIssues said...

Apparently this man is now 21, but his crime was when he was 13 or younger, so that is why it was sealed, like it should be.