Monday, November 19, 2012

Surviving Parents Coalition asked for opinions. We left ours, they deleted it then blocked us? Does the truth scare you?

Well, on the Surviving Parents Coalition Facebook page, in which they posted a link and asked for opinions. We posted our opinion. They immediately deleted it and blocked one of our admins. Why? Are they afraid the truth will get out?

The link they posted was "Parents battle church over sex offender meetings near school."

The admin's comment was:

This has been going on for YEARS and NOTHING has occurred, and the facts are that sex offenders have one of the LOWEST recidivism rates of all other crimes, so why the witch-hunt now?

Nobody wants kids to be harmed in any way, but this hysteria / moral panic over ex-sex offenders needs to stop!

Fear and hysteria will do nothing, we need to work on educating the kids, and parents with the facts, not fear.

Did you know that kids who have experimented with sex, or dated when they and their partners were underage, are being ruined by these laws? It's true, and is NOT the way we should be handling this.

So what above called for the comment to be deleted and the person blocked? Does the truth scare you?

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Medicine Show said...

I have posted my own comment. We'll see what happens.