Friday, November 2, 2012

Spanish show on UniVision seeking a R&J case to feature on their show

This was posted on the SOSEN forums.

We have been contacted by a national media show from UniVision. This is a Spanish-speaking network and we have seen some awesome and supportive work come from this producer in the past. The show is the Spanish network's version of our 20/20 - an investigative show much like a documentary - which focuses on individual cases.

They are looking for a good story, preferably a Romeo & Juliet story. The producer told me that it is very common amongst the Spanish population for the male to be older than the female. She does not understand why the US views some of these offenses as felonies and she wants to show her audience how crazy the laws have become. She may consider focusing on another type of story as well - it depends on what we have to offer but a good Romeo & Juliet story is her preference right now.

The most difficult part - at least one person has be be able to speak Spanish.

Contact Texas Voices for more information.

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