Saturday, November 3, 2012

PA - Adam Walsh Act becomes an Unfunded Mandate (Video)

Video Description:
John Shott, new CJAB coordinator, and Adult Probation Chief Sally Barry (Email) presented a $3,329 grant to update software in order to help implement the Adam Walsh Act and Megan's Law. While the State Police will send letters to all currently registered sex offenders, it will be up to the County to register new offenders, which will take 45 minutes-1 hour, in order to collect fingerprints, photographs, Central Booking, the only approved County site other than the State Police. It would not be cost effective to transport offenders in County custody to the State Police. If an offender is currently under supervision of a County APO, they shall collect the registration information and forward to the PA State Police. Since Central Booking has the needed $30,000 Clean Machine, it would be impractical to book offenders at Adult Probation or the prison. This unfunded mandate will add another burden to a department that costs the County $500,000 annually while bringing in less than $300,000 annually. Further, the reporting requirements of the Act are retroactive for all offenders. Finally, new offenses like open lewdness and statutory sexual assault must be documented. The Act takes effect 60 days from December 20, 2012.


loneranger said...

One would think someone could have seen this coming. However they move ahead knowing they are taking money that could have been used in a more effective way to actually protect the community to waist on sex offenders. One day they will take a look at how much this costs and what they get out of it. In reality they get so little return on the investment. this one child they have been trying to save is costing the states everyday. The schools are underfunded. the police are tied up tracking x-sex offenders more and more leaving the criminals free to rob your homes and sell your belongings for drugs. When you call to report your home has been robbed they don't even send someone out. File a report and contact your insurance company. Can anyone else see how this works? Fill up the jails with sex offenders and set the rest free to do what ever they like and no money to stop them.

Lets take a look at this and what has been said. they only make how much on the program they have now and it isn't enough? they make money on this however now they have voted so many laws into effect because they could make a little money on this that now because this has been pumped up so much it has come back to bite them. they can't understand that someone could have said no in the first place to all these laws and restrictions places on x offenders. So let them go on and make even more laws that are not funded or effective to tie up the courts cost the counties and state millions that could have been used to stop crime. we want to track and demonize x-offenders for life. Make sure our police are checking and rechecking each and everyone to see if they live where they say? Ones that have a 97 percent chance of not offending again so the thieves and drug addicts can have a free ride on society. Not saying some don't need to be tracked. they already are and now we want to rule with an iron hand on one set of x-criminals as if they are the biggest problem we have.

We are so caught up in sex and what someone might do that we are blind to what it costs us down the road. If you are so afraid and have been made to be so the counties can make a little money then don't complain when they won't protect you from a real threat to your personal safety. Keep spending money that we don't have on tracking sex offenders for life but don't complain about the cost as you demanded it. As far as the x-offenders go. You have ruined their lives already. To add much more is mute to them. They aren't re-offending in the numbers politicians say to pass laws like this. It is not justified as a real benefit to the counties and states as it only costs and produces little change in the offence rate. So why continue?

Happy, Joyous and Free said...

I am glad that Sally Barry was asked tough questions. I'm also completely surprised that the Board members were not expecting this to be an unfunded mandate. Oh, and the lack of sufficient planning is quite apparent. Lebanon County isn't going to do this and take a loss...they will get the money raising taxes or by having RSO's pay for it. The longer this goes on - the more I realize that the states pass laws that have to be implemented - while leaving the counties to struggle with the costs. It's even worse when the economy is completely in the tank. I think the final slap in the face is that the PA State Police is saying---you can't bring them to us to get them registered. Makes me wonder how ready the State Police are for this???

mr.mike said...

there are so many areas that make this type of forced re-structuring of laws and creates major flaws in constitutional rights of offenders who have long since already paid their debt to society.this topic is a hot button for law enforcement,prosecutors,and most citizens who all rally around ANYTHING that makes it appear that without all this,ex offenders somehow would have otherwise been left alone to rape and pillage their communities,when in fact the rate of re-offending has historically been incredibly low and decreasing EVERY year for a good while now not just in our state,but ALL states.after the sandusky case everyone is assuming all sex offenders are guilty of similiar atrocities.even those who have convictions where their was either no ACTUAL victim(1st offense of viewing pornography where the person(s) filmed could easily be confused with being of legal age(18) and not a child of 5 or 10 yrs old.also asking a minor if they need a ride by an ADULT driver who might be 4 years older than the pedestrian is viewed as a SEX OFFENSE in this state.all sex offenders are required to attend(and PAY)for weekly sex offender treatment at the cost of around $65.00 per week,$260.00 per month,and also pay $325.00 for a yearly POLYGRAPH exam which if results are unfavorable will result in a revocation of parole/probation and send them back to prison.even paroled murderers and maniacs are not subject to this degree of ongoing oversight while on parole.the polygraph is inadmisable in court in ALL 50 states,with the EXCEPTION being here in this state for ALL sex offenders.the average sex offender will spend roughly 3-5 yrs on probation/ $3,500.00 paid for treatment each the picture getting clearer?all sex offenders prior to the walsh act likely pled to their crimes with the punishment/jail/probation and MEGANS LAW requirements explained prior to sentencing as well as being interviewed on at least 2 visits by the megans law review board to determine the future possibility of re offending.adam walsh law throws ALL these procedures out the window and allows for an adult 20 yrs older than their MINOR victim who had PHYSICAL INTERCOURSE w/ victim to have a TIER 1 (lowest)standing,yet give a first offender who took pictures of 2 17 yr old ppl kissing while they were naked who AGREED to the picture,and picture was NOT distributed/shared/uploaded on a computer,to be charged with 2 counts of SEXUAL ABUSE OF CHILDREN and consequently be determined a TIER 3 offender because of having the tag as a REPEAT OFFENDER(same 1 time incident,charged 2x).fines and costs for same 1 time offense is $5000.00,prison and probation fees PLUS $300.00 per MONTH for electronic monitored bracelet which is MANDATORY conditions while on probation.we are now in the TENS of thousand dollars and offender is VIRTUALLY unemployable due to criminal record of this nature.nobody wants to be the person who gave a SECOND chance to a person with this stigma attached,for fear of being the person RESPONSIBLE for an offender who DOES re offend,even though statistics show that numbers are minimal,and it is actually MORE likely that such an employee would be MORE likely to become a GOOD employee b/c they know how difficult it is to even get a job.and try to move forward with their offenses against children are bad,as well as personally,i would be more concerned if a repeat drunk driver lived in my neighborhood,or a drug dealer/user or even a burglar.chances are hundreds more likely a crime like that will effect any street in any town.the numbers support these comparisons.really.