Friday, November 16, 2012

OR - Church and meeting place for ex-sex offenders in place for over three years, but the witch hunt continues!

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And the witch hunt continues! What is the problem? This place has been there for over three years without any incident, so this is fear over nothing, and I hope the church stands it's ground. We've sent them an email thanking them for their service, and others should do the same.


By Thom Jensen

HILLSBORO – Parents have been fighting for years without success to get a church near a public grade school to move its meetings for sex offenders.

They say they've run into roadblocks trying to get this sex offender meeting to move. They say they've been trying for at least three years to convince Sonrise Church, where these registered offenders meet, to move the meeting far away from any schools.

Additionally, some of these sex offenders will actually start living at the church within the next month, KATU News has learned.

The motto at the church is "A safe place to hear a life changing message." But parents who have children right next door at Quatama Elementary School question that message.

The church holds a service every week and as many as 120 registered sex offenders attend.

"This like having an AA meeting in a bar," said parent Shannon Jones.

It's about 60 steps from the church to the school, a distance that can be walked in just over a half-minute.

Parents want the Hillsboro School District to notify everyone about what's going on and "help us communicate to families right in this area that might not know," said Marcy Tell.

But they say the district refuses.

A district spokesperson says the district takes no position on the issue and that it has a good relationship with the church.

Employees at the church were resistant to speak to KATU News Thursday. But a pastor said he won't move the services. The church was there first, and he said security guards are at the church to protect kids.

Parents question his truthfulness because of something that happened at another church seven years ago.

Pastor Jerry Mettee filed a false police report in 2005 saying he was stabbed by a burglar when, in fact, he stabbed himself. But the church and district said there hasn't been one incident involving offenders and kids.

"You can't undo something after it's already happened and make it all better," Jones said.

Jones, also a survivor of childhood sex abuse, says she doesn't want that first incident to occur, and that's why she's going public with her concerns.

Parents also question the relationship between the district and Sonrise because the church donates up to $5,000 a year to the schools.

They also want state laws to change to outlaw these types of offender meetings and treatment centers near schools.

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loneranger said...

I lived in Hillsboro for a number of years and the people there are good people. However like any community all it takes is for one person to yell fire and everyone runs. this is the second time this has come up. So my question is why now? Who is pushing the next new and better law to promote themselves for election? One would think that if they promote a law like this they should also make it the states responsibility to provide a location for treatment of sex offenders. If you must complain about where this takes place then provide space in state buildings to accommodate mandated counselling and problem solved. there are many unused buildings across the state that would work well for this. You could make it part of corrections and be governed by corrections as it is anyway. You can't stop someone from going to church but you can regulate where certain businesses operate. Example is you don't have s strip club next to a church. A liquor store next to a school and so on. I'm sure some will state places where this is not correct but for the most part IMO it is. So if we are so afraid that places like this are a danger and it's mandated by the courts that these place exist the state needs to step up and build this system in a safe and meaningful way. One out come of a approach like this would be better control over counselling and offenders. Given this could branch out to encompass many more types of offenders such as drug and alcohol that could be treated in the same facility. Make use of space we already have. In the end there will be no need to find places for this that might offend someone. If they are afraid to enter a state building because of this sorry we have gone as far as we need to without colonizing the moon.

deathklok said...

"The church holds a service every week and as many as 120 registered sex offenders attend."

Is this on the weekend? If so, what's with all the drama?