Wednesday, November 14, 2012

OH - Local cop(s) sexting on the job

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CLEVELAND (WOIO) - A local woman says she's not proud of what she's done, but she wants the public to know about her experience with a veteran police officer.

"What he did was very wrong."

19 Action News Chief Investigative Reporter Carl Monday isn't naming the officer, but we can tell you he works for Garfield Heights Police.

The woman, who says she's known the cop for some time, kept some of the text messages she says were sent by the officer.

"U out? Go to Warner Rd. Ah my dirty girl. Waitin."

Two minutes later, the impatient patrolman sends a second text, too crude to print, much less show on TV.

"What did he want you to do?" asked Monday.

"Perform oral sex with him," she replied.

She says the two met twice. Once at a city park off Canal Road in neighboring Cuyahoga Heights. She says the officer was in full uniform, on-duty in his police car.

"He pulled my pants down and had me perform oral sex on him," she said wiping her tears.

"In the police car?"


Monday took the allegations to Garfield Heights Police Chief Robert Sackett. The Chief confirmed that the same woman came to him several months ago, but never revealed the cops name or the text messages.

"I'm glad you brought this to my attention," said the Chief. "Certainly, we can't have things like this and we'll investigate it."

Last week, Monday caught up with officer in question as he approached his patrol car.

"Officer, wondered if we could ask you a few questions? What about this woman's allegations that you engaged in sexual activity in a patrol car?" The officer politely declined comment.

Chief Sackett says it's not the kind of behavior he would tolerate from any police officer, including the sexting on-duty.

If the practice of a cop sexting on duty sounds familiar, it should.

Recently, 19 Action News introduced you to Detective Vincent Lucarelli, Cleveland's "Sexting Cop." Monday and his team uncovered some thirty thousand text messages sent or received by Lucarelli to woman involved in cases he was investigating.

Ron Turner, now a private investigator, was a Cleveland officer for twenty one years. He, too has been looking into Lucarelli. He interviewed nine women who exchange texts with the finger happy cop.

"Even the girls in his own neighborhood were victims of him," Turner said.

When one neighborhood girl turned eighteen, she told Monday that Lucarelli began driving her around in his detective car.

She showed 19 Action News texts from Lucarelli, and said he began giving her hundreds of dollars to buy shoes and clothing.

"What did he expect in return for this money?" asked Monday.

"Pictures," she answered.

"What kind of pictures?"

"Um, nude, in panties and bra."

She says the two engaged in sexual activity, but unlike the Garfield case, it didn't involve a police car.

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