Monday, November 26, 2012

Molester Mondays: GPS, the Color Orange and RSO Curfew

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Molester Mondays with tough on sex offenders host Bill Blathers provides a weekly Radio-Role-Play practice sessions for speak-out activists interested in honing their verbal skills in their efforts to reform sex offender registry laws across the nation. This week: GPS, the Color Orange and RSO Curfew Isnt it amazing the Convicted Sex Offenders can wonder our streets whenever they want to? They can go to the grocery stores, movie theaters, the malls and some have said they can even visit inside your home when one of your friends invites a "friend". Does this casual situation not make you tremble in your bones? Do you not worry about the potentially hundreds of sexual victims that are likely to be found later after we should have stopped these Registered Sex Offenders? I guess that it will me that raises the alarms about RSOs in the community and once again raise the issue of GPS technology to be worn by every single registered deviant out there. If taxes must be raised so be it. We must know where they go so that a childs innocence or life can be saved. Also, we must all coordinate our political focus on getting legislation passed that requires an early curfew for those on the SOR (Sex Offender Registry) list. Sunrise to sunset would be okay. Additional precautions will require these pedophiles to invest heavily in the color orange - as in orange clothing, orange houses, orange cars and so on. Until Monday night, have a child safe Thanksgiving.

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