Thursday, November 22, 2012

MN - Inside Moose Lake, Sex Offender Vows to 'Sue His Way Out the Door'

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By Mark Albert

With less than two weeks to go until a court-imposed deadline for proposals for less restrictive alternatives to Minnesota's current program for civilly committed sex offenders, one of the sex offenders who is part of the class-action lawsuit that forced the recommendations vows to "sue my way out the front door."

"I have remorse, I'm sorry for what I did, I'm sorry I grew up as a hateful person," explained [name withheld], a 41 year-old from Minneapolis who the state has determined is a "sexually dangerous person" and has been committed since 2005.

"But I love life, I love people, I love my family. I want to go home to my family. I want to be a productive member of society," [name withheld] said during an interview recently at the Minnesota Sex Offender Program facility in Moose Lake.

[name withheld] is one of the 669 sex offenders - all men except for one woman - committed to MSOP; they represent about four percent of the state's 17,500 registered sex offenders.

The MSOP sex offenders are part of a federal lawsuit (PDF) that has been certified as class-action that has brought the state closer than ever to reforming the program, which is supposed to offer treatment to persons deemed to be "sexually dangerous" or who have a "sexually psychopathic personality."

Since 1993, not one "client," as the sex offenders are called, has ever successfully finished treatment and completely graduated from the program.

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