Saturday, November 24, 2012

KS - I Was in an Accident with a Registered Sex Offender! Do I Have to Deal with Him?

The female in the email, if that is everything, said nothing about how the accident occurred, etc, yet this lawyer is assuming the "sex offender" is the guilty party?

Video Description:
Roger Riedmiller addresses an email from a viewer who is concerned with possibly having to deal directly with the at fault driver, who is a registered sex offender.


Loneranger said...

Is this guy for real? She never said if she was at fault or the other guy. All she asked is if she had to deal with him. this guy assumes she was the victim and they should be able to use the conviction as leverage. Doesn't this show how the registry harms people. It is used when ever possible to place someone at a disadvantage. so she can lie and get away with it? Really? How often is this used? You say sex offender and that is all you have to do to be the victim?

This has nothing to do with sex. Unless you count what the lawyer is proposing to do. It does have to do with how prejudiced people are and how the system is bias towards anyone with the sex offender label and use it. Sad really as there is no justice in the justice system. Only the one's who can manipulate it.

The guy that is answering this question is a prime example of how it's standard procedure to use the registry to place someone at a disadvantage. He knows nothing of the person or even why he is registered but he must be a bad person or we can make him look bad anyway. When will the unforeseen consequences end?

SOIssues said...

Exactly our point.