Wednesday, November 28, 2012

JAMAICA - House tables regulations for Sex Offenders Registry

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By Jerome Reynolds

The House of Representatives has tabled the long-awaited regulation for the establishment of a sex offenders' registry.

The absence of the regulation had made aspects of the Sexual Offences Act ineffective for the four years it has been on the books.

Attorney General Patrick Atkinson told the parliament yesterday that the tabling of the documents is to fill that gap in the system.

Atkinson informed that the registrar will, among other things, take into account the sex offender’s name, address, alias, photograph, date of birth and places frequented.

The register will also include the offence for which the offender was convicted and the age of their victim.

The regulations also require that employees at the registrar keep all information confidential and make it an offence to disclose the material.

Atkinson said the regulations will dictate to whom information from the registry can be shared.

He said the Commissioner of the Corrections will be responsible for the operation and management of the registry and the maintenance of the register.

According to the attorney general, the Commissioner has already identified the location and central registration centre for the registry.

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