Friday, November 30, 2012

IRELAND - Facebook Must Remove Page Outing Sex Offenders, Says UK Judge

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They will have to go after the individuals, not Facebook, and already within the last hour, there are about 6 other pages created. And this is exactly why the registry must be taken offline. No criminal records should be available online.


By Josh Wolford

According to a UK High Court, Facebook is not allowed to host a page that publicly outs convicted sex offenders.

A Judge has given Facebook 72 hours to remove a page called Keeping our kids safe from predators, which routinely posts personal information and photos of child predators in Northern Ireland.

The decree stems from a suit brought by a convicted sex offender, only referred to as “XY.” XY claims that the Facebook page amounts to harassment, misuse of private info, and a violation of his privacy. He fears that he may be attacked or otherwise publicly degraded as a result of the page. Facebook has apparently already removed any mention of XY on the page, but the court’s ruling demands that Facebook take an extra step and nix the page altogether.

Society has dealt with the plaintiff in accordance with the rule of law. He has been punished by incarceration and he is subject to substantial daily restrictions on his lifestyle,” said the Judge.

The page owners have acknowledged the ruling, and are already suggesting alternative pages for pedophile tracking and claim to be in the process of setting up an alternate page in the event of the current page’s removal:

Hi all, Unfortunately this page may be removed any time soon. On this other facebook page you can see daily paedophile crimes listed. So far over 17,000 UK paedophiles have been named on the website, and a few from each days court cases are posted on to the page below."

"The next page will be called “keeping our kids safe from predators 2″ and it will b coming from america at least there they wont take the page down so every1 keep and eye out 4 it,” they say.

So the man, or I mean mess of a human being, that’s taken this page to court, he must want to be the head paedophile and rule over all sex offenders. He will be like a god to them.”

Facebook policy bans any convicted sex offender from operating an account, but this ruling takes a look at the flip side and looks to protect them from additional punishment via the actions of other Facebook users. What do you think? Should Facebook be forced to remove the page?


Babachet said...

Absolutely, its a shame our country (the US) allows it.. We need to get rid of the hysteria driven website that helps nothing, it serves no purpose. Let people have a second chance. Facebook has a ton of creeps 99.9% are not listed on the sex offender registry. Oh well Facebook is on the verge of colapse anyway.

SOIssues said...

We agree. It's nothing more than bullying, except in cyberspace.

Pete Carey said...

agreed - its bullying (...something the same people are fighting aginst out of the other side of their mouths). but ive often thought offenders should embrace the registry...we should advocate for even harsher punishments, more free distribution of the 'list' and more crimes to be included on the 'list' (...dui, theft, assault, fraud, etc). just a hunch...but i believe the entire idea of a registry would callaspe upon itself quicker.

individuals are doing time for growing pot...and now its legal in colorado. its a matter of time. the registry will die soon...

RSODL said...

I'll go against the grain on this. This is very good news for rehabilitated sex offenders. In fact if we were organised we would be involved in setting up these vigilante pages ;-). Unfortunately the only way that the rule of law will be re-established and registries made illegal is after there have been some very high profile "mishaps". We should become involved in encouraging these morons to set up these type of pages because once we get some good lawsuits against ISPs and networks they will become paranoid and begin to cut off public access to these databases for fear of financial loss. Law enforcement will also become disillusioned as RSOs bring more and more lawsuits preferably at tax payers expense. RSOs you MUST make sure that your interaction with the registry COSTS AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE. This can be done by spending that extra 15-30 minutes with your parole officer or sign-on center. BOMBARD them with questions, letters, anything you think of that will hog resources (time). There are 750 000 RSOs in the US alone. Time is money and we must cost these people AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE. Every minute counts, WASTE TIME, WASTE TIME, WASTE TIME. Do everything possible to legally waste tax payers money. DRAW EVERYTHING OUT when you can. We have the advantage here because many of us are out of work due to the registry. KEEP THESE PEOPLE TALKING TALKING CHECKING CHECKING, get EVERYTHING EXPLAINED, then get them to EXPLAIN IT AGAIN. PLAY DUMB get stuff mailed to you. RSODL (Rehabiliated Sex Offenders Defense League) "We havn't gone away you know..."