Monday, November 26, 2012

IN - Sex offender ruling could impact other cases

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Good, this is as it should be.  If someone is forced to obey some new law for a past crime, that is known as an ex post facto law, and is unconstitutional.


By Julian Grace

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) - The Indiana Court of Appeals ruled in favor of a convicted sex offender’s attempts to remove his name from the state’s registry list.

[name withheld] was convicted of rape and child abuse in Massachusetts. He completed his sentence in 1989 and then later moved to Indianapolis 1993. [name withheld] was convicted and sentenced well before state sex offender list were created.

According to IU Law Professor Fran Watson, this case will spur more sex offenders to pursue the courts to get their names off the list. Watson believes some Sheriff’s Departments might get involved and inform the current sex offenders of the recent ruling.

I would not be surprised if the [name withheld] decision is placed on the Department of Corrections web site,” said Watson. The Attorney General’s Office has not determined if they will appeal the Court of Appeals decision.

Monday, 24-Hour-News 8's Julian Grace reached out to [name withheld]. However, the phone number listed under his name was disconnected.

As of Monday, [name withheld] name and address is still listed on the state sex offender registry list. No word yet if [name withheld] picture will come down from the federal sex offender list.

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