Friday, November 2, 2012

IL - North Side Murderers, Batterers, Register With Chicago Police

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If a draconian online shaming hit-list is okay for ex-sex offenders, then all criminals should be on a similar registry and residency restrictions, to be fair. Of course we do not believe in any online registry, it should be taken offline and used by police only.


By Carrie Frillman

Murderers, as well as those who have been convicted of violent crimes against youth, are now required to register with the Illinois State Police. We've compiled a list of some North Siders who are in the registry.

A Lincoln Park parolee convicted of domestic battery to a child and a Lincoln Square murderer are among a handful of North Siders who have registered with the Chicago Police in compliance with a law that took effect this year.

Andrea’s Law, named after Andrea Will, an Eastern Illinois University student killed by her ex-boyfriend in 1998, creates a first-degree murderer database, similar to the Illinois Sex Offender Registry.

The database also includes those convicted of general violent crimes against youth.

Will's ex-boyfriend, [name withheld], formerly of St. Charles, was convicted of strangling the 19-year-old Batavia woman to death while both were students at EIU.

[name withheld] was sentenced to 24 years in prison before a change to the state’s “Truth in Sentencing” system that required those convicted of crimes to serve 85 percent of court-imposed sentences.

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g4change said...

WOW...apparently Illinois must have some secret source of revenue that nobody knows about. Maybe they're shipping some Great Lakes doobie down the ole' Mississippi River or something.....NOT!!!
Where in the heck do they think they are going to get the money to pay for all of this???? That state is on the brinks of financial disaster....what a crock!!!