Sunday, November 18, 2012

From Research to Practice: Preventing Child Sexual Abuse

Video Series Description:
On October 10, 2012, at the University of Washington, Seattle nonprofit Committee for Children hosted a panel of top child sexual abuse prevention experts and advocates from across the U.S., who discussed the latest research in child sexual abuse prevention and how to put that research to practical use to protect children from abuse.


Bill said...

I have not watched the video. It is late and I am tired are my excuses. However I have watched a lot of expert babble on how to protect children from offenders like me. Yes, shock, I molested my daughter. I want to tell people, on Dr. Phil.....if my wife would support that action. (she does NOT) that no one walks into a store and says to a clerk give me a bag of pedophilia to go. Just like no one ask for the flue, or polio or plague. Pedophilia is a mental affliction that infects a portion of the citizens of our county. Yes all those infected are victims too. It is nothing new. It has been around for as long as man kind has been around. It has symptoms that are common with all who are inflicted. The first symptom is the first thought and the over empowering feeling that goes with it. The second symptom is the pure disgust and self loathing that follows that. The third symptom is the false idea that the pedophile can self manage with out help and keep it a secret. The final is that there is nothing wrong or as psychologist like to call it, "pretend normal". No pedophile acts out on the first thought. How do you protect children?.... Get the inflicted help before they act on the thoughts. Stop Demonizing the ill. Have a national 800 line where the inflicted can call anonymously and get help with out destroying their lives. Pay tax dollars for therapy and treatment. Studies show that it works and that offenders have a high treatment success rate. To limit victims allow the first time offender to get a pass if he comes clean before his victim or victims do. This will send the sick racing for help and stop coaches from molesting children for years. Take the public registry off line and make it private. No one needs to know. I do not believe it does much for law enforcement to know. Well that's it. I know it is my dream. And I doubt it will ever come true. People do not want to save children they want to be vile and wicked to others and if it means sacrificing children in order to behave that way then so be it. Well happy thoughts I am going to bed.

Loneranger said...

Interesting thought. I'm sure some aspects of this would work as the treatment for sex offenders is the same in many ways as sexual addiction. Offenders are considered to have mental abnormalities based on thinking errors that can be corrected given the person is willing and treatment is provided. My take on this is if this is an addiction or in simple terms a mental disorder. Then why is this not treated the same as any other mental disorder. Instead they are demonized. If you did this to someone that was maybe Bipolar in the work place the Federal government would be all over it.

If a person is a drug addict a company can't fire them if they get treatment they keep working. If they have gone through treatment at some point and no longer use they are welcome to work and live where ever they like. Addictions and mental disorders should all be classified and the person provided the same protections under federal law. Discrimination against any mental abnormality must be stopped.

The Federal and State governments have gone out of their way to advertise people with this mental disorder leaving them to be discriminated against and in most cases condones and encourages this. Why? If they know this is a mental disorder and even require treatment. So where is equal protection under the law?