Friday, November 2, 2012

Facebook is like?

Facebook has recently been posting the photos below, and we've added our comment below each as pertaining to ex-sex offenders and their blanket policy to not allow ex-sex offenders to use their service.

Except for ex-sex offenders, and like cake, Facebook will eventually vanish.

Both ban ex-sex offenders & require a notice on your door/profile in some states.

Both are thought to be filled with pedophiles when they are not.


dc said...

Here is my thing with Facebook..... They will not let sex-offenders on their site....but they will let the police post pictures of sex-offenders and their addresses on their page... Even if that states law says it can't post the exact address of an sex-offender (Arkansas). So are they are letting the police break the law?

nathan said...

Lets not forget that they also allow pictures of dog fights sexual content and other stuff as well

Babachet said...

Facebook is the worlds largest IPO scam of all time!! Took millions from innocent people, who thought that it was a good deal, ruining literally their entire lives. But here we are sitting on a shaming list for all to see and most with victimless crimes. Not one person even got charged for the crimes they commited!