Saturday, November 3, 2012

CA - Teen Stunts Landing Kids On Sex Offender List... For Life

Video Description:
In 1947 California became the first state to implement a public sex offender registry. Today with over 93,000 people, our state has more registered sex offenders than any other. The laws are meant to keep kids safe … but some local parents may be shocked to find out that even common adolescent stunts such as ‘sexting’ or risque Facebook pictures can sentence a teenager to a ‘life on the list.

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Loneranger said...

So placing someone on a list for public shamming and shunning for life will stop someone from offending? Not likely. However it will take away any hope for a normal life. Don't we really want to do everything we can to help promote these people to turn around and have a normal life again. Meaning one that is offence free and meaningful not only to them and their families but society as a whole? But no this woman had a loss and wants the whole world to have a loss as well.To promote laws that we all know are counter productive in every way as far as any hope of rehabilitation and then say life on the list is necessary says she is either ignorant of any research on the subject or her loss is so great to her she is blind to what is really going on. I'm sorry for her loss however other parents are now suffering do to the laws. How many more need to pay for her loss? I know I sound cruel to her but enough is enough. Stop the life time registry in all states. If you must have life on the list narrow this to predictors and repeat offenders. Frankly a list will not stop someone from offending if they are going to. If you want life on the list they will be there soon enough. The others on the list will just be there with their lives screwed up for
ever and never reoffend. Fact is they wouldn't anyway. So this is just revenge for the victims that she says are harmed forever. Well some are some are not. Each is different and who is she to say. I'm sure she feels she is. Not all are her.Let the punishment fit the crime and then everyone move on with your life.