Thursday, November 15, 2012

CA - San Diego to Pay $675000 Over Police Sex Case by Anthony Arevalos

Anthony Arevalos
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I wonder if the states that are compliant with SORNA, are they using the grant money to fight law suits in courts where police sexually abuse others? It seems a growing number of sex crimes are by police.


San Diego in Southern California will pay $675,000 to a woman who claimed she was groped by a former police officer.

U-T San Diego reported the City Council approved the payment on Tuesday.

The woman claimed Anthony Arevalos touched her breasts after he stopped her on suspicion of drunken driving two years ago.

Arevalos was convicted last year of soliciting sexual favors from women he stopped in return for letting them go.

He’s serving a nearly nine-year sentence for sexual battery, bribery and other crimes.

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NJ45143112 said...

Not to sound insincere but when women are increasingly showing off their breasts to the world these days, how does this woman warrant that much money when somebody actually took the bait?
I know it was an invasion of her personal space, allowed under duress (unless it was "under dress") and, legally, constitutes battery, but I mean, REALLY!
Personally, I think this is a rather sexist decision! I don't have anything on my chest to grope. I'll never have the chance to sue a cop for groping! What about me?
OK, maybe this guy was a pig and needed to be ousted from the force. Fine! But how do the taxpayers wind up as the perpetrators? This is money that could have gone to something useful for everyone to share. But it seems more important for the city to cover it's smarmy butt and pay out a windfall to this woman for having her boobs touched!
Oh, the humanity!

Disclaimer: this comment in no way endorses the sexual deviance of police officers or their affiliates