Saturday, October 6, 2012

WA - Our house has been burned down

The following was sent to us via the contact form and posted with the users permission.

By Anonymous:
I'm a former RSO off the registry for about a year and a half. My house was burned to the ground in rural Washington state. The victim in my case and father of my daughter threatened in March to burn my house with me and my 2 daughters and brother all inside. We were not home when it burned, although it was burned in the middle of the night and my car was at the house. The cops are acting like me and my family burned it because we are low income and I am a former RSO. We had nothing to do with it and lost everything. The lawyer I spoke with said they are planning to arrest us. I don't know what to do, I just got my life back and then lost everything! They won't even investigate the victim and they don't even know the cause of the fire yet! But we are supposed to have burned our own house! The cops broke my daughters computer when they searched my brother's car when we got home after the fire and now our insurance company assigned a special investigator so they won't have to pay the claim! My family has been through HELL! And my brother and I may end up going to jail for something we didn't do! This happened on October 4th.

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Eric Knight said...

Makes sure you contact the Washington State Patrol directly, as arson investigations in Washington in jurisdictions that do not have police departments with specific arson investigation facilities have to go through the WSP. Here is the contact page:

You may have to start with your own district, but you can also call the main number for more information. Please contact them ASAP as you want to make sure the investigation is not compromised.

PS Get a better lawyer if you can afford it. If you live in a rural "good ol' boy network" area, you may have to go outside the area to get an unbiased attorney. Good luck.