Tuesday, October 30, 2012

TX - NewsWest 9 Special (Fear Mongering) Report: The Sex Offender Boom!

Video Description:
Hardly a week goes by without someone making the news for committing a sex crime.

Many times it's a crime against a child.

While law enforcement officers are working hard to catch sex offenders, what happens after the crime has been committed?

NewsWest 9 has reported on a number of sex crimes against children and it's always alarming, particularly when the person accused is in a position of authority and trust, a police officer, military recruiter or a teacher.
- See the many police and other videos about sex crimes by these people in authority, which you don't hear much about, and also see this blog post.

But once a sex offender has been caught and convicted, what happens next? Are there safeguards in place to protect families and to keep it from happening again?
- Well, when the majority of sex crimes are by someone the victim knows, the only way to potentially stop this is to remove all kids from their parents or care givers.

It's an important question because as the population continues to grow in the Permian Basin, so does the number of sex offenders who live here.

In fact, the Texas Department of Public Safety's Sex Offender Registry, a website by the way that anyone can access, shows that there are about 650 registered offenders in Ector and Midland counties combined.

On the website, you'll find more than just a name, an age and a picture.

It also includes details about the crime, the level of risk the offender may pose to the community, where they work and where they live.
- Yeah, a pretty little phone book vigilantes can use to track down and harass or do harm to ex-offenders and/or their families.

We also discovered that there are very few restrictions on where a registered sex offender may be employed.

In some cases, they could be working at jobs that bring them right into your home.

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Babachet said...

Texas is helping the cause!! Adding 100 sex offenders a week to the shaming list. Once again proving everything is bigger and better in Texas!

George Stevens said...

Spreading hate like this is a violation of YouTube agreement. They are spreading misinformation about sex offenders that is causing a boomerang effect. For example, whenever anyone is not allowed to re-integrate back into society after being in jail, that person’s risk for re-offending goes up. The hate this news has for sex offenders does not allow them to re-integrate into society, which makes society less safe.

Eric Knight said...

How can the county discriminate between male and female sex offender probationers/parolees? They stated that MALE sex offenders had to be rounded up, but not FEMALE sex offenders. That is DEFINITELY a major court case. The stupid county shouldn't have discriminated against males in this way, and the parolees actually have a major civil rights violation case here.