Saturday, October 27, 2012

SOclear Media Productions - Molester Mondays with Bill Blathers (Radio Role Playing)

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This show was originally on TalkShoe, and you can listen to some of their older archived shows here, or using the audio control below.

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Next Show: October 29th, 2012 at 7:00pm EST

On Monday nights is our radio-role-play interview practice sessions for reform sex offender law activists “Molester Mondays with Bill Blathers” beginning October 29th 2012 and secondly, our standard talk radio program “Sex Offenders: EXPOSED!” where you will find interesting coverage of sex offenders legal issues in the news, interviews, and commentary beginning in January 2013.

In an effort to help balance the voices speaking out regarding people listed on the Sex Offender Registry list, SOclear Media Productions offers a radio program where Sex Offender Law Reform activists can practice their media interview verbal skills.

Our Radio-Role-Play program known as “Molester Mondays with Bill Blathers” is a weekly 90 minute program designed to provide role-play practice to questions and prompts by fictional host Bill Blathers (played by Tom Madison).

In January 2013, we will expand our BlogtalkRadio programming by offering a proactive “registered families” viewpoint that will usher in the missing components of the SOR list debate beginning to emerge in the United States today. Titled “Sex Offenders: EXPOSED!” will begin in January 2013.

As most people know, the news business is very competitive and that is why reporters are quick to get interviews with law enforcement and prosecutor offices in a rush to get the crime story ready for broadcast later in the day.

However, as with many controversies in life, there is always another side to the story that is typically not well covered in the news media. The voices of the “registered families” of this country are beginning to stand up and make their views known as to the other side of the story.

We hope to see you during either of our radio programs in the weeks to come.

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