Wednesday, October 31, 2012

SC - When are the police going to check up on gang members and other criminals? Or are they scared to?

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I guess it's okay to murder someone in cold blood, rob them, sell them dangerous drugs, etc!


By Laura Thomas

CHEROKEE COUNTY - It's not something to think about, just on Halloween. Law enforcement agencies across the Upstate are keeping tabs on registered sex offenders throughout the year.

Cherokee County Sheriff Steve Mueller says his office launched a new program last October to keep a better watch on registered sex offenders.

"It just helps us to keep things from falling through the cracks," Mueller said.

Deputies now check on several of the 180 registered offenders in Cherokee County each month.

Since starting the program, Mueller says they've found 3 people in violation.
- So you are using this to justify your hysteria campaign is working? Ex-sex offenders already have one of the lowest recidivism rates around, but we don't see you going after more dangerous criminals.

He says there are plans in the works to step up the checks here even more.

Next year, deputies will get mobile laptops in the cars.

The Sheriff says that new technology will allow deputies to have the offender list with them at all times, so they can check up on them even more often.

"Because our guys can be in a neighborhood, he can instantly pull up and so, okay, we got a sex offender here, I'm going to drop in and check on him," Mueller explained. "Ultimately, we want to protect the community and so that's what we're going to do."
- Isn't that called harassment?

7 On Your Side checked in with other counties across the Upstate.

In Spartanburg County, deputies verify a portion of the sex offender registry each month.

In Greenville County, the Sheriff’s Office says they check the address of each registered sex offender at least twice a year.

The Anderson County Sheriff’s Office says they do at least 2 address checks on each sex offender once every 6 months.

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Babachet said...

So quick math.. 3 in violation out of 180 that's a whooping less than 2%. They can justify it? Wish I was that good of a salesman.