Thursday, October 25, 2012

MS - One lawmaker wants to track sex offenders using a GPS

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By Joe Barnes

JACKSON (WLBT) - State Senator Will Longwitz wants to reform how sex offenders register and notify nearby residents where they live.

Longwitz explained, "I believe that using technology and reducing the number of man hours that it takes to go find these people in the first place, we're looking at a much more cost efficient system than we currently have now."

The plan calls for convicted sex offenders to be graded on their dangerousness to society. The most serious would wear a GPS monitoring device. Longwitz says 16 states already have similar legislation in place.

"If you leave your restricted area, it could notify police. If you approach a school, it could set off an alarm. If you approach your former victim's family's neighborhood, it could set off an alarm," explained Longwitz.

Similar laws in other states have been challenged in court.

Longwitz says the convicted sex offender would even help pay for the cost of the GPS device.
- Yeah, more extortion!  And you cannot make them pay for what they cannot afford due to them being jobless due to your draconian laws.

However, if you look at the sex offender registry website in Jackson, some offenders have a registered address at a shelter or they're listed as homeless. Many convicts have a hard time getting a job after being released from jail.

"Every serious offense comes with a penalty with restitution requirements. There's no reason we shouldn't put as much of this as possible on the offender. There may be some start up cost for equipment," said Longwitz.

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